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Metal Building in Montgomery, Alabama

Metal Building Outlet was the proud provider of this prefabricated metal building in Montgomery, Alabama, in December of 2019.

Rugged, engineered to last and insulated to maximize energy efficiency, the building currently functions as an auto repair shop, providing a safe, covered space to work, store assets, service cars and trucks or otherwise utilize. When raised, the pre-engineered metal shop stands an expansive 135’x250’x24’ in size, and it has high overhead clearance, freeing up more space for storage, manufacturing and the like.

The shop’s roof has a mild 2:12 pitch and is comprised of robust, corrosion-resistant Galvalume sheeting, which protects the interior of the building from the elements, pests and other possible hazards. The roof and walls of the shop contain layers of R-10 insulation, which makes for a more comfortable environment while simultaneously lowering energy expenses related to the property.

Other accommodations made with regard for local climate patterns and building codes include a 5-pound snow load and a 115-mph wind speed rating. Located along the Alabama River, the city of Montgomery is Alabama’s second-most populated after Birmingham. Part of Montgomery County, the community lies roughly 90 miles from Birmingham and about 55 miles from Auburn.

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Metal Shop Building in Paradise, California

Metal Building in Ramsey, Indiana

Metal Building Outlet sourced this preconstructed steel building in Ramsey, Indiana, in mid-June of 2017.

Crafted from top-of-the-line steel components, the attractive and easy-to-maintain metal structure now serves as a shop. When it fully erect, it offers a finished size of 50’x100’x18’, and overhead, a long-lasting Galvalume roof that resists corrosion and boasts a 4:12 pitch protects the building’s interior and its inhabitants from the elements.

The shop also offers (3) framed openings, among them (1) 3070 opening and (2) 20’x16’ openings, and a 115-mph wind speed rating and a 20-pound snow load serve as additional characteristics added with respect for the variable climate and weather patterns common throughout Ramsey and the surrounding landscape.

An unincorporated community set within south-central Indiana’s Harrison County, Ramsey falls within the confines of Jackson Township. It sits about 107 miles from Evansville and about 10 miles outside Palmyra.

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Steel Building in Brimfield, Illinois

Metal Building Outlet supplied this Nucor structure which is a auto shop in Brimfield, Illinois.

The steel building is 40’x60’x14′ with a roof pitch of 1:12. Located about 21 miles away from Peoria the auto shop was outfitted with a number of framed openings including a 3×7 walkdoor, a 12×12 and a 21×20 overhead sectional garage roll up door.  This building was a cost-effective solution for the auto repair business with all of the custom options for doors and lifts in addition to its low maintenance costs.

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Steel Building in Clear Lake, Iowa

Metal Building Outlet provided this prefabricated steel building for a buyer in Clear Lake, Iowa, in May of 2016.

Rustic red in color with a complementing koko brown metal roof with a 2:12 pitch, the energy efficient building is now used as a shop by the owner. It stands 60’x100’x16’ in size once fully erect and is crafted from premium-quality steel components. Inside the building are (5) framed openings, among them (2) 16’x14’ openings and (3) 3070 openings designed for convenient user access.

To keep energy bills low and building users comfortable year-round, R-19 metal building insulation can be found within the structure’s roof and walls. A wind speed of 115 mph and a snow load of 40 lbs. serve as additional project features and were included to enhance building durability with respect for the climate and weather patterns common throughout the region. A part of north-central Iowa’s Cerro Gordo County, the city of Clear Lake lies about 88 miles outside Fort Dodge and 87 miles from Cedar Falls.

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Steel Building in Hanna, Indiana

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-manufactured metal building for a customer in Hanna, Indiana.

The striking, saddle tan structure is comprised of premium-quality steel components, and it boasts a burnished slate-colored, corrosion-resistant metal roof with a 4:12 pitch overhead. Now functioning as a shop, the durable, low-maintenance building stands 40’x60’x14’ in size once fully erect.

Distributed throughout the shop are (5) framed openings, among them (1) 12’x12’ opening, (2) 3070 openings and (2) 10’x10’ framed openings. Additional accommodations include a 35-pound snow load and a 90-mph wind speed rating, inclusions made with the variable climate and seasonal snowfall common throughout the Hanna area in mind. An unincorporated community in northern Indiana, Hanna is a sparsely populated community that falls within LaPorte County’s Hanna Township. It lies about 17 miles from LaPorte and about 25 miles outside Michigan City.

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Metal Building in Norman, Oklahoma

Metal Building Outlet was pleased to provide this prefabricated metal building for a buyer in Norman, Oklahoma, in November of 2019.

Offering the steadfast durability Oklahoma’s variable weather patterns demand, the building boasts unsurpassed structural integrity and stands 80’x100’x13.5’. Featuring a wide clear span that maximizes usable floor space, the building is suitable for storage, manufacturing or any number of other uses, and it has a rugged, water-tight Galvalume roof providing reliable protection overhead.

Offering easy access into the metal shop are (8) framed openings, which include (5) 12’x14’ openings and (3) 3070 walk door openings. A 10-pound snow load and a 115-mph wind speed rating serve as supplemental accommodations added in adherence to applicable building codes and out of respect for the severe weather that sometimes comes through the Great Plains.

Part of central Oklahoma’s Cleveland County, Norman is the state’s third-largest city. It sits about 10 miles from Moore and about 20 miles south of Downtown Oklahoma City.

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Steel Building in Richland, Washington

Metal Building in Dudley, North Carolina

Metal Building Outlet supplied this prefabricated metal building in Dudley, North Carolina, in November of 2019.

Combining rugged durability with impressive versatility, the building is currently in use as a shop building, standing 80’x150’x12’ once raised. Easy and affordable to erect in comparison with other construction methods, the steel shop is also equally easy to maintain over time, saving the owner big money on lifetime maintenance costs.

The roof of the pre-engineered steel building has a 2:12 pitch and is comprised of heavy-duty Galvalume metal sheeting, and (6) framed openings ranging in size make the space easily accessible for users. Framed openings include (4) 3’4”x7’2” walk door openings, (1) 6’4”x7’2” door opening and (1) 24’x11’ overhead door opening.

To better equip it for its environment while maintaining compliance with applicable building codes, the steel shop also boasts a 10-pound snow load and a high wind speed rating of 120 mph. Part of the Goldsboro, North Carolina, metro area, the community of Dudley is unincorporated and sits about 9 miles south of Goldsboro, in Wayne County.

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Metal Building in Juneau, Alaska

Metal Building Outlet was pleased to supply this pre-engineered metal shop building for a customer in Juneau, Alaska. Insulated to make it energy efficient and suitable for year-round use in Alaska, the multipurpose metal building features a wide clear span, freeing up plenty of room for work and storage, and stands 30’x60’x24’ in size. The building’s high overhead clearance further improves its versatility, and its rugged, durable Galvalume roof resists corrosion and has a 3:12 pitch.