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Our tenured employees bring over 100 + years combined industry experience. With this comes vast resources and established relationships with field techs, engineers, contractors, design professionals, industry vendors and customer service professionals. This combined with our strong company backing allows us to bring specific expertise to your metal building project whether it is simple garage or a large commercial project.

Selecting your metal building manufacturer and seeing your purchase through completion is our priority!


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Shops and Garages

If you’re in need of a conventional detached garage or a metal shop, our prefabricated buildings are a perfect fit!

Commercial Buildings

If you have a business or company that’s in need of office space, warehouse space, or retail space; a prefab metal building could fit all of your needs.

Agricultural Building

Many farms need storage for equipment, hay storage, or livestock housing. Metal barn kits can be customized to the exact need of the farmer.

Equestrian Building

Horse riding arenas and equestrian buildings are easily customizable to include stables and arenas all in one building.


Steel construction is very cost effective solution that can accommodate the desired look and feel of metal church buildings and schools.

Airplane Hangars

Metal buildings can accommodate a wide array of aircraft needs from single unit personal hangars to large corporate commercial aircraft facilities.

Gym Building

Prefabricated steel gymnasiums are a great option for churches, schools, youth groups and indoor soccer teams, among other organizations.

Mini Storage Buildings

Mini Storage buildings are a great investment and our storage building kits are delivered marked for erection, reducing construction costs.

Arch Buildings

Arch buildings are frameless metal buildings, ideal for use as garages, personal shops, hay and grain storage, RV storage, and equipment storage.

Commercial Warehouse

Many businesses need a warehouse building or distribution center for their goods. Steel buildings are an ideal solution for storage and distribution.

Why Choose Metal Building Outlet

35+ Years Industry Experience

Working with metal building engineers, vendors, contractors, and design professionals.

Established Business Rapport

Over decades of conducting a successful, reliable business, we have developed strong vendor relationships and customer trust.

Competitive Pricing

We provide the best price available for your specific building needs. We have multiple locations throughout the USA, saving you money on freight prices.

Building Warranties

Our quality products are backed by warranties for proper fitting components, paint protection, and accessories.

Technical Staff

Our team of building advisors is ready to answer all your questions with knowledge from several years of combined industry experience.

Exceptional Customer Service

A knowledgeable support team available to answer questions and see your project through to completion.

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