Cold Formed Steel Buildings

cold formed metal building that is two tone grey with dual roll up doors and living area

Designed for fast, easy construction, cold formed steel buildings are a lighter gauge, reliable, innovative and cost-effective alternative to traditional steel or wood building types. Created through a process called cold-form manufacturing, which involves placing thin sheets of steel though a series of rollers, these buildings are easier and faster to raise than traditional steel buildings because they do not require the use of heavy construction equipment.

In fact, their construction is similar to that of a wood building, but instead of having wood framing, they feature thin steel sections. Unlike wood structures, though, MBO’s light-gauge steel buildings do not warp or crack over time, and they’re also inherently resistant to termites and other pests.

Benefits of Cold Formed Construction

Why might you consider a lighter-gauge metal building, as opposed to a traditional steel or wooden structure? Cold formed metal buildings offer the following notable advantages. 

Ease of Construction

You don’t need heavy tools, equipment or machinery to raise a light-gauge steel building. In fact, you can perform most of the construction using a handheld screw gun. There is also more space that exists between framing members, which translates to fewer parts, shorter construction times and lowered construction-related expenses.

Superior Strength & Durability

Don’t let the name fool you – light-gauge steel construction may weigh less than traditional steel construction, but it still offers optimal structural integrity.

Ease of Maintenance 

Cold formed steel construction is easy to maintain, meaning you don’t need to treat the exterior or replace warped or cracked boards as you might with a wood building.

a cold form garage building that is in the process of erection

Ease of Design

Light-gauge steel buildings are also easy to modify or alter, should the need present itself. These buildings are also easy to insulate, making them appropriate for all-season use in virtually any climate.

Light-gauge metal buildings merge the benefits of light-wood construction with those of traditional steel construction. If you’re in the market for an affordable steel building that combines fast, easy erection with superior structural integrity, consider a light-gauge metal building.

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