Discounted Metal Building Components & Accessories For Sale

Ridge Vent Bundle

Ridge Vents for Sale in Sedalia, Colorado

(6) Ridge Vents for sale in Sedalia, Colorado.
Designed for a 2:12 pitch Metal Roof
Will sell for $250 each
Call (303) 867-1179.
Insulated Foam Panels

Kingspan Foam Insulated Panels in Sedalia, Colorado

5” R-36 foam panels by Kingspan. (30) panels 17’ 6” long Sandstone color. Slightly weathered from outdoor storage. Located Sedalia Colorado. Will sell for $5 per sq foot. Worth $20 per sq foot.
Call: (303) 867-1179.

26 ga Galvalume Roof Sheeting | JOB ID: RS1683

New 26ga. Galvalume PBR roof panels. (68) 25’ sheets with ridge cap for a 50 x 100 building. On the ground and available now. Call 1-800-292-0111