Barndominiums are buildings that merge traditional living quarters with a barn, a shop or another type of recreational space. Merging all the best aspects of modern design with the functionality and versatility of steel construction, metal barndominiums represent a fast-growing sector of the metal building market and are an economical, easy-to-customize alternative to traditional wood homes. An attractive feature of metal Barndominium buildings is the ability to have open vaulted ceilings, giving the building an open and airy feeling. This is desirable in modern living space designs.

MBO Featured Barndominiums

The Ranchero

Single or Two Story Monitor Style Barndominium

The Breckenridge

Single or Two Story Gambrel Style Barndominium

The Overlook

Single or Two Story Double Slope Style Barndominium

Customizations for Steel Barndominiums

Like all metal buildings, barndominiums are fully customizable. If you are looking for an affordable, customizable building with a living space as well as a garage, shop, home gym, work area or another type of recreational space inside, barndominiums are a great choice.  Customization options are endless and include:

  • Wide variety of color and exterior siding options
  • Placement of skylights
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Mezzanines for second floor living quarters
Modern Home Interior

Recent Metal Barndominium Projects