Agricultural Buildings and Barn Kits

Although wood truss pole barn systems are useful under certain circumstances, there is no comparison between them and the quality offered in our rigid steel building designs. Our steel structures offer additional strength, performance, and flexibility for expansion and permanence.

A steel agricultural building from Metal Building Outlet is the most complete package on the market and will outperform our steel building competitors because we control the building design specifications and building materials used in the construction of your steel building. We provide extra heavy 26 gauge steel and 1/4-inch high rib wall and roof panels compared to pole building suppliers lighter gauge 9/16-inch low rib panel and our steel building trim packages are rigid, detailed and commercial grade so they will not show the waviness associated with lighter non formed types. Not only are our steel buildings a higher quality, we provide them at a substantial cost savings. Feature by feature you cannot find a better deal on a steel building anywhere!

Superior Building Materials

A steel building from Metal Building Outlet is a superior choice over a wood truss pole barn for the following reasons:

  • Heavier exterior panels for strength, longevity and higher wind ratings.
  • Safer & offer cost savings on insurance rates
  • Easier to construct with simple to understand drawings
  • Offer a more permanent solution
  • Wide open clear spans for more usable space
  • Long term dependability with little or no maintenance
Metal Barn

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