Steel Buildings in Beasley, Texas

Metal Building

Metal Building Outlet supplied several steel buildings in Beasley, Texas for this customer.

We were ultimately teaming with MBO as we had three buildings in storage and ready for immediate delivery to their jobsite. Two of the buildings were cancelled projects and the third pre-manufactured building was a used building listed on the classifieds section of our website and happened to be the perfect fit for a Giraffe.

These three buildings now serve as important structures within a wildlife sanctuary, with one buildings’ claim to fame as the giraffe house. One can say, “fancy design finesse”, but this giraffe building at one time remained in storage, indisposed due to its unique specifications. Manufactured with high walls & clear span space under the canopy; altogether accommodating head space for the tallest of creatures. Take a look at this multi-building project in Texas!

Building Information and Special Features

Building 1


Building 2


Building 3

24’x24’x22’/20’ Single Slope

Roof Sheeting

26 Gauge PBR

Wall Sheeting

26 Gauge PBR

Wind Speed

139 MPH

Snow Load

20 PSF

Customer Satisfaction Rating

5 Stars

Nick the Giraffe? That’s right!  Named after MBO’s own, Project Manager Nick Feldman. The owner of the sanctuary searched cross country for a building that would house his giraffe, and pressure was on due to time sensitivity. One visit to our website and reviewing available building kits this customer not only found one building, but three!  Mr. Feldman prepared these buildings for pick-up in Houston and in record time, saving the customer thousands of dollars in manufacturing fees.

With appreciation, the giraffe was cordially christened, Nick  the Giraffe. With wisecracks aside, the customer was exceedingly grateful that MBO surpassed every need and did it well beneath his budget.

Do you have questions about our building kits in storage? Gently used & dismantled buildings ready for re-sale? Budgeting questions? Do you need quick turn-around time?  The MBO Team has the knowledge and knowhow to get you a building. Not just any building, but one that you will be proud of, one that will serve with due diligence for years to come.
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