Cold-Formed Steel Building in Conifer, Colorado

Metal Building Outlet proudly supplied a cold-formed steel building to a client in Conifer Colorado.

This premanufactured metal building kit serves as the RV garage extraordinaire on the grounds of their residential property. This building was designed to color correlate perfectly with their home, with numerous customary inclusions that complimented the existing structure. This property is what American dreams are made of; a beautiful residential property, complete with a custom MBO RV storage garage addition to this family home. Check out this property in Jefferson County, Colorado.

Building Information and Special Features







Roof Pitch


Roof Sheeting

26 Gauge PBR Panels | Color: Copper

Wall Sheeting

26 Gauge PBR Panels | Color: Fern Green

Wind Speed

115 MPH

Snow Load

58 PSF


2- 3070 Framed Walk Door Openings, 1- 10×13 & 2- 8×9 Framed Overhead Door Openings with Full Trim


3- 4×4 Framed Window Openings


Roof: R-10 Insulation | walls: R-10 Insulation


Jefferson County

Light Gauge Cold-Formed Steel framing is hands down a preferred preference with end customers, general contractors and metal building erectors globally. If you require a new building, or a used building and need a building quickly we have compatible metal building kits. Affordable, quick, cost effective and sustainable, this streamlined construction concept is not only do-able but endorsed by thousands of DIY’ers.

Cold formed steel buildings minimize residential and commercial construction costs and reducing delivery turn-around times. At MBO, we will review every possible source to save you money and supply you with an exceptional building. We will divulge into every metal building blueprint and show you that MBO endorsed projects are contrived to your budget in hopes to expand your component package to complete a turn-key building.

We are the metal building component experts! We love building accessories and have longstanding business ties to many component companies within North America. With our industry knowledge and connections we are able pass our savings onto your project. We have exceptional insulation packages, every kind of overhead door you can think of, airplane hangar doors, garage doors, sliding barn doors, and walk doors of every shape and size. The same applies to interior accessories that accommodate the metal buildings

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