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Metal Shops and Garages

Metal Shop Buildings

Metal workshops and garages are very popular in the metal building industry. In fact, close to half of steel building inquiries are for shops and garages. Whether you are storing equipment, using it as a conventional detached garage, or as a metal shop building, our prefabricated building systems are a perfect fit!

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Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings

If you have a business or company that’s in need of office space, warehouse space, or retail space; a prefab steel building could fit all of your needs. Steel frame commercial building structures can be designed to accommodate any custom look or skin that may be required in your local area.

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Agricultural Barn Buildings

Barn Kits

Many farms need storage for equipment, hay storage, or livestock housing. Metal barn kits can be customized to the exact need of the farmer. Farmers love the option of a prefabricated steel structure because they offer longevity over pole building structures.

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Equestrian Riding Arenas

Steel Horse Arena

Horse riding arenas and equestrian buildings are a popular choice for metal buildings because of their ease of construction and maintenance once they are erected. Metal equestrian buildings are easily customizable to include stables and arenas all in one building.

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Church Buildings

Steel Churches

When many religious organizations and schools are looking to build new church buildings, they often turn to pre-engineered steel buildings as a solution. Steel construction is very cost effective and offers solutions that can accommodate the desired look and feel of the metal church building.

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Aircraft Hangars

Aircraft Hangar

Metal buildings can accommodate a wide array of aircraft needs from single unit personal hangars to large corporate commercial aircraft facilities. Metal aircraft hangars have large clear spans and are designed to accommodate large aircraft doors.

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Metal Gymnasiums

Gymnasium Buildings

Prefabricated steel gymnasiums are used for churches, schools, youth groups and indoor soccer teams, among other organizations. Not only are steel gymnasiums exceedingly strong and low-maintenance by design, but they’re also highly affordable.

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Mini Storage Buildings

Mini Storage Buildings

Mini Storage buildings are a great investment and are very cost effective when prefabricated mini storage building kits are purchased. Pre-engineered steel self-storage buildings come as a kit, ready to assemble or erect, reducing costs to the owner.

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Arch Buildings

Metal Arch Buildings

Our arch buildings are frameless heavy gauge metal buildings. They are ideal for garages, shops, hay and grain storage, RV storage, and more. The erection process of arch buildings is quite simple, making it a popular choice!

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The Best Source for New & Used Steel Buildings!

We work with multiple manufacturers and shop metal building packages for you, finding the best price available for your specific building needs. Because we work with several building manufacturers, we have the ability to ship from many locations, saving you on metal building freight prices. In addition, we have a used building classified section featuring hundreds of used metal buildings; prefab buildings ordered and never put up, buildings never picked up from the factory and more.

Steel Buildings Save Time and Money

Our steel buildings are pre-engineered, which considerably shortens the time from design of the building to a finished building when compared to traditional building techniques. Standard metal buildings can be in place in half the time it takes for traditional construction. In addition, the cost savings of owning a prefabricated building over conventional construction can be as much as half. Using metal buildings joined with conventional materials to achieve a certain look can save substantial amounts of up-front costs.

Metal Building Accessories and Insulation

There are many options available for customizing steel buildings. We offer commercial overhead doors, windows, insulation, cupolas and a variety of other components and accessory options. Our staff will be happy to assist you in finding just the right accessories for your building. View our available steel building accessories and insulation systems.