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Auto Shop Building

Metal Building in Castle Rock, Colorado

Castle Rock, CO

Residental Metal Building Home in Black Hawk, Colorado

Metal Building Outlet was the provider of this pre-engineered steel building in Black Hawk, Colorado.

Now a residential home, the building features a high-performance insulation package, and the energy-efficient structure is crafted using premium-quality steel materials. Red in color, the 30’x100’x12’ building boasts a hardwearing, complementing green roof with a 4.85:12 pitch, and inside the home are (17) framed openings varying by size and purpose. Included are (8) 3’x4’ openings, (1) 4’x5’ opening, (2) 3’x3’ openings, (1) 30’x7’ opening, (3) 3070 openings and (2) 6070 openings.

Inside the roof, the home features R-30 metal building insulation, while the walls contain R-25 insulation. In addition to lowering energy bills, the insulation package enhances sound control and helps residents and visitors stay comfortable, regardless of the outside temperature. A wind speed rating of 130 mph and a very high snow load of 75 lbs. serve as additional home features, accommodations made in consideration of Black Hawk’s mountainous location and the sometimes-considerable snowfall experienced in the area during winter months.

A home-rule municipality in north-central Colorado’s Gilpin County, Black Hawk boasts numerous casinos and is a part of the Denver – Aurora – Lakewood, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area. It sits about 54 miles outside Denver and 1.5 miles outside Central City.

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Metal Building in Penrose, Colorado

Metal Workshop Building in Peyton, Colorado

50’x80’x12’ Metal Building in Longmont, Colorado

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered metal building for a buyer in Longmont, Colorado, in early January of 2016.

Designed with extreme energy efficiency in mind, the building is constructed using premium-grade steel components. It stands 50’x80’x12’ in size and has a 3’ open masonry perimeter. It is covered and protected by a hardwearing Galvalume metal roof with a 3:12 roof pitch, and it now functions as a shop for the owner.

Inside the building are (4) commercial walk doors with accompanying levers, and it also boasts high R-value, R-40 insulation in the roof and R-25 insulation within its walls. The insulation was included to reduce energy expenditures associated with the building given the often cold temperatures experienced through Longmont and the surrounding region. High wind speeds and snow loads of 140 mph and 30 lbs., respectively, were also included during construction due to the heavy snowfall and variable weather patterns common in the area.

With land in both Boulder and Weld Counties, the city of Longmont is situated about 33 miles from Estes Park and about 12 miles from Lyons.

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Shop Building Kit in Parker, Colorado

Metal Building in Black Hawk, Colorado

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered metal building in Black Hawk, Colorado, in April of 2015.

Now used as a storage facility by RN Civil, in Englewood, Colorado-based water, wastewater and heavy civil construction project specialist, the metal building stands 40’x62’15’ in size and is covered with a Galvalume roof with a 1.5:12 roof pitch.

The durable, low-maintenance steel building is crafted from rugged Nucor Building Systems components. To ensure maximum durability and protection from the Colorado elements and heavy snowfall commonly seen in the Black Hawk area, a high wind speed of 130 mph and a strong ground snow load of 90 lbs. were included at the time of construction.

The least populous town in Colorado, Black Hawk is a historic mining settlement now widely known for its casinos and restored “old west” atmosphere. The city sits about 20 miles from Golden and about 13 miles outside Idaho Springs.

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Metal Building Warehouse in Longmont, Colorado

Metal Building Outlet supplied this energy-efficient metal warehouse building for a buyer in Longmont, Colorado in late October of 2014.

Boasting eye-catching gallery blue paint and a durable Galvalume roof with a 1:12 roof pitch, the 46’x80’x16’ metal building is now used as a warehouse by M & M Heating and Air Conditioning, a leading provider of HVAC installation and repair services for residents of Longmont, Boulder and surrounding areas.

Constructed using Nucor Building Systems components, the structure has a total of (20) framed openings, which include (2) 3070 steel walk doors, (2) 12’x14’ sectional doors, (2) 8’x8’ sectional doors and (4) 3030 doors. The building also features (10) skylight panels in an effort to maximize natural sunlight.

Given Longmont’s variable weather patterns and substantial seasonal snowfall, the metal building was constructed with R-30 insulation in its roof and R-19 insulation in its walls to improve energy efficiency and help the structure maintain comfortable interior temperatures year round. It was also designed with a wind speed of 110 mph and a snow load of 30 lbs.

The City of Longmont is located within both Boulder and Weld Counties in north-central Colorado. It sits about 16 miles south of Loveland and 15 miles from Boulder.

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Metal Building with High Roof Pitch in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Purchased from Metal Building Outlet in April, 2013, this 40x60x14 Garco-brand metal building now serves as a shop in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

It features (3) 12×12 framed openings and (2) 3070 walk-doors, a wind load of 90 mph, a ground snow load (GSL) of 93 lbs. and a roof snow load (RSL) of 65 lbs. The customer opted for a higher than normal roof pitch (6:12) because he felt it improved the building’s overall appearance, and chose the high snow loads because of Pagosa Springs’ heavy snowfall, which averages 67.4 inches per year.

Pagosa Springs lies along the Colorado/New Mexico border, and this steel building spans both state lines. Pagosa Springs is nestled on the Western Slope of the Continental Divide, and lies 140 miles from Salida and 277 miles from the Colorado state capital of Denver.

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Metal Building in Grand Junction, Colorado

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building in August, 2010 to a growing marble and granite company for their new operations facility. It is located in Grand Junction, Colorado.

The 75’ x 160’ x 18.5’ the metal building has light stone walls and a galvalume 1.5:12  pitched roof. It has (4) 12×12 overhead doors and (13) 18’x3′ windows

Grand Junction is the largest city in western Colorado and is in scenic Mesa County.It is approximately 85 miles from Glenwood Springs and 150 miles from the well-known ski slopes in Vail.

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