New Antique Auto Restoration Facility in Castle Rock

Antique Auto Restoration Facility in Castle Rock: A Sturdy, Energy-Efficient Steel Building

Five Star Review Flat

“We here at Restore Cars sell a very high quality product and we have to convey that out to our customers and the people that we deal with. I was impressed with Metal Building Outlet and I know they would do the exact same thing. They took care of the customer from beginning to end. Any problem I had they immediately took care of they were there for every step of the construction. It was a great experience with Metal Building Outlet. They were not only very efficient and knowledgeable before the sale, but as I was building my project, they had great recommendations and knowledge that I did not have.”

Mark C.
Castle Rock, CO | Car Restoration Shop

When the owner of Restore Cars needed a new antique auto restoration facility in March 2012 in Castle Rock, Colorado (not far from Littleton or Sedalia), he decided ordering a sturdy steel building from Metal Building Outlet.  This building is 60’x150’x16′ in size and is a dark and light gray Nucor building with a dark gray roof.  Built to last as long as the cars that are housed within the steel building it meets all of the customer’s demands.

Equipped with a double layer energy saving package from Metal Building Insulation, this building is comfortable in the cold Colorado winters and hot summers. The building has a High R Energy Saver fabric liner, thermal break tape and Guardian fiberglass insulation. With this energy saver package will save the customer money every month on his heating and cooling costs.

This building has twenty five white framed openings.  The building has twenty windows which floods the shop with lots of natural light.  Wainscot and overhangs are the finishing touches on this building, giving it a truly unique look.

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