Metal Building Warehouse in Longmont, Colorado

Metal Building Outlet supplied this energy-efficient metal warehouse building for a buyer in Longmont, Colorado in late October of 2014.

Boasting eye-catching gallery blue paint and a durable Galvalume roof with a 1:12 roof pitch, the 46’x80’x16’ metal building is now used as a warehouse by M & M Heating and Air Conditioning, a leading provider of HVAC installation and repair services for residents of Longmont, Boulder and surrounding areas.

Constructed using Nucor Building Systems components, the structure has a total of (20) framed openings, which include (2) 3070 steel walk doors, (2) 12’x14’ sectional doors, (2) 8’x8’ sectional doors and (4) 3030 doors. The building also features (10) skylight panels in an effort to maximize natural sunlight.

Given Longmont’s variable weather patterns and substantial seasonal snowfall, the metal building was constructed with R-30 insulation in its roof and R-19 insulation in its walls to improve energy efficiency and help the structure maintain comfortable interior temperatures year round. It was also designed with a wind speed of 110 mph and a snow load of 30 lbs.

The City of Longmont is located within both Boulder and Weld Counties in north-central Colorado. It sits about 16 miles south of Loveland and 15 miles from Boulder.

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