Metal Building in San Fernando City, Philippines

Two Missionaries obtained a parcel of land in San Fernando City, La Union Philippines that became ground zero to an expansive overview and urban reconstruction, dedicated to mission work within the community.

Metal Building Outlet provided a state of the art building that became the town center school, gymnasium, church and safe shelter; a necessary haven for local families. Collectively featuring many custom inclusions and specifications that set the standard for success and safety within every detail and will serve the commonwealth of San Fernando City for generations.

Building Information and Special Features







Roof Pitch


Roof Sheeting

24 Gage PBR Screw Down System

Wall Sheeting

24 Gauge PBR Wall Sheeting. 4′ Wainscot – Panel Overlap – Cobalt Blue

Wind Speed

150 MPH

Snow Load

20 PSF


(3) 3070 & (2) 6070 HD Steel Insulated Doors With Cylindrical Lever Locks


(3) 6040 Framed Openings with Transom Window Configurations

Other Features

Galvanized Double Flat Nuts and washers for added support on the anchor bolts for added assurance during monsoon season.
An anti- corrosion Galvalume Plus Roof System for maximum solar reflectivity which adds value to the overall energy envelope.
Sculptured Gutters and Down Spouts needed for proper water disbursement away from the building.
Galvanized Double Flat Nuts and washers for added support on the anchor bolts

MBO’s detail-oriented project managers provide a consult based service for every building and every project. Specializing in top quality pre-manufactured buildings with inclusions of every component & all insulation packages required to complete all metal structures; with a purchase bundle that saves you thousands. Metal Building Outlet understands the importance of aligning projects with people that have a strong attention to detail, and experience fulfilling custom design criteria requests.

We understand the requirements needed for a streamlined delivery process through US customs and all overseas (POE) Ports of Entry. Specific to this project, MBO collaborated with the Warden’s and their US based colleagues through the export process; all to which proved successful with a seasonally scheduled delivery and at an opportune time for construction.

Metal Building Outlet’s Contribution to the Mission
As Filipino locals eagerly lined up to contribute time and tools it was realized that the volunteers needed professional training for an overall successful systematic build. Metal Building Outlet donated all fees required to enroll everyone invested with the exclusive Metal Buildings Institute. Upon completion of training, all enrolled became Certified Metal Building Erectors, and played an essential part of this building completion.

Metal Building Outlet is proud to be a part of the upcoming San Fernando Christian Community, and their dedication to philanthropy and generosity to the Filipino people and setting a global standard in humanitarianism.

Our expertise in export, material quality, and our overall single source purchasing envelope will not be found with any other pre-manufactured metal building companies. Let Metal Building Outlet assist you in designing a state of the building at a fraction of the cost. We would love to speak with you. Call for a free Metal Building quote, 1-800-292-0111 or email us at [email protected].

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