Metal Workshop in Holmesville, Ohio

Metal Building Outlet secured this prefabricated metal workshop building for a client in Holmesville, Ohio, in early February of 2018.

Versatile, low maintenance and engineered to stand strong despite harsh weather, heavy usage and pests, among other hazards that can wreak havoc on traditional, wood construction, the building stands 65’x130’x20’ in size and features premium-quality steel construction. It now functions as a workshop, while overhead, a reliable, resilient roof crafted from Galvalume Plus metal panels offers a 2:12 pitch.

It also boasts R-19 insulation in its roof and R-13 insulation within its walls, which optimizes energy efficiency and offers a considerable return-on-investment by slashing energy bills associated with the property.

Additional key features added in consideration of the climate of the Holmesville area include a 115-mph wind speed rating and a 25-pound snow load. A small village situated within Holmes County, Holmesville sits about 11 miles east of Big Prairie and about 5 miles southwest of Fredericksburg.

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