International Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings Shipped Globally

Planning to build a metal building outside of the U.S.? Our company has over 30 years of experience in the industry. We provide prefabricated building kits built from high quality materials and expert workmanship. Our representatives provide superior customer service and custom-layout plans internationally. Our prefabricated metal buildings are designed to meet the highest standards of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and ease of assembly. Perfectly suited to any climate, our prefabricated metal buildings are particularly appealing in places where standard building materials, such as wood, are much less durable and more expensive.

Metal buildings are extremely functional and can be used for a wide variety of applications – everything from agricultural applications to small business offices, from churches to mini-storage units. Rest assured that because of Metal Building Outlet’s many years of doing business, the company’s had opportunities to provide metal buildings to customers outside the U.S., including St. Martins, St. Lucia, Mongolia, Jamaica, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Guyana (South America) and more. You’ll be surprised how simple the shipping process out of the U.S. can be. For instance, the steel building is frequently shipped to a U.S. port, (Jacksonville, Florida being one most common,) where you can then arrange shipping to your preferred location. The metal building kit is often sent on a 40-foot flatbed truck and loaded on a 40-foot rack, then loaded on the ship.

International Shipping

Metal Building Outlet is experienced in supplying prefabricated steel buildings overseas. We have shipped all building sizes and types, with varying load factors to accommodate the varying weather conditions internationally. Our international list includes everything from Mini Storage Complexes in Canada, to Metal Airplane Hangars in Mongolia, to Auto Repair Shops in Jamaica. We deliver straight from a US factory to a US port, where the building is forwarded overseas from there.

There are essentially two methods for shipping a metal building overseas. The method is typically determined by the capabilities of the steel manufacturing plant where the building is being made.

The first and most efficient way to ship a metal building overseas is to top load the building with a crane into a standard, fully enclosed shipping container directly at the factory. All of the components of the steel building are loaded onto a 40′ shipping container. The entire container is then loaded onto a ship and sent overseas. The metal building is then delivered to the jobsite in the same container and unloaded there.

International Buildings

The second option is to load the steel building and it’s components into a flat rack container. A flat rack is either 20′ or 40′ long with open ends. It is front loaded with a fork lift at the factory, then unloaded with a fork lift at the jobsite.

This is a better option for shipping because the building materials are only handled once and the enclosed shipping container offers better protection of the steel parts.

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