Prefabricated Steel Workshops in Alberta, Canada

Metal Building Outlet secured this pair of pre-engineered steel workshops in Alberta, Canada, in May of 2019.

Together, the two insulated, energy-efficient steel buildings function as a workshop, and they both feature premium-quality steel construction, resulting in unmatched durability. The first of the (2) buildings stands 75’x85’x26’ in size once erect, while the second stands 85’x75’x26’. Both feature unobstructed clear-span designs that maximize usable space, and they also offer high clearances, which are often preferable among buyers with industrial, e-commerce or related needs.

Covering both buildings are rugged Galvalume metal roofs with 0.5:12 pitches, and between the (2) workshop buildings are (63) framed openings. Featured are (25) walk door openings, (13) larger door openings and (25) windows that allow natural sunlight inside. Both steel structures also have high-performance insulation systems, with high R-value, R-35 insulation installed within their roofs and R-20 insulation installed within their walls. While the insulation makes the buildings suitable for year-round use in Canada’s variable climate, it also helps keep the property’s energy bills at a manageable level.

Additional features added with respect for the climate characteristics of the region include .48 kPa wind speed ratings and 1.1 kPa snow loads. Canada’s fourth-most populated province, Alberta sits just north of the U.S. state of Montana. The province sits just east of British Columbia and just west of Saskatchewan.

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