Commercial Metal Building in El Paso, Texas

Metal Building Outlet supplied this metal building in El Paso, Texas in July, 2013.  This Nucor building is but one of a group of many buildings purchased by Dish Network to be used as warehouse and office space. This one is about 50 miles from Las Cruces, New Mexico and about 120 miles from Van Horn Texas in extreme western Texas.

The building is 56’6”x37’2”x10’ in size and features 10 doors and 14 windows.  The doors are sized as follows: ( 2) 12’x12’ overhead, (1) 8’x10’ overhead and (7) 3’x7’ walk doors.  The windows are of varying sizes as well. To be in accordance with  El Paso County building codes, this building has a  wind load rate of 90 MPH.

An insulation package is included as well, giving energy efficiency, lowering the cost of ownership of the building over time, and maintaining the comfort of the interior of the building.  The roof (2:12 pitch) is insulated with a high quality single layer of 6” R-30 insulation and the walls are insulated with a single layer of 4” R-13 fiberglass steel building insulation.

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