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Metal Building in Richfield, Utah

Metal Buildings in Medford, Oregon

Metal Building Outlet was the proud supplier of this pair of pre-engineered metal buildings in Medford, Oregon, in mid-October of 2020.

Insulated and highly energy efficient, the (2) metal buildings function as shops and offer unmatched structural integrity. Comprised of high-end steel parts, the first steel shop is 32’x20’x14’ in size, while the second stands 10’x30’x13’. Both have unobstructed clear-span designs and high overhead clearance.

Metal Building in Roundup, Montana

Metal Building Outlet supplied these dual shop and storage buildings to a customer in Roundup, Montana. The sandstone buildings with green roofs measured 50’x80’x18’ and 15’x80’x18’.

Metal Building in Custer, Michigan

Metal Building Outlet supplied this prefabricated metal building for a customer in Custer, Michigan.

Both energy efficient and exceedingly durable, the building stands 40’x60’x12’ in size and is now used as a shop by the owner. Crafted from premium-grade steel components, the building boasts a long-lasting, corrosion-resistant metal Galvalume roof with a 4:12 roof pitch. Inside the building are (5) framed openings, among them (2) 10’x10’ openings and (3) that house 3070 insulated commercial walk doors with lever locks.

To reduce energy costs while improving interior comfort and helping muffle outside noise, R-10 metal building insulation is installed in both the roof and walls. A high snow load of 60 lbs. and a wind speed of 90 mph serve as additional building features, and they were included in consideration of Custer’s typical climate.

Located within Mason County in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, the village is Custer lies about 98 miles outside Mount Pleasant and about 50 miles from Whitehall.

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Steel Shop Building in Onaway, Michigan

Metal Building Outlet supplied this top quality steel building to a customer in Onaway, Michigan, in early May of 2014. It now operates as a shop.

Made of Nucor Building Systems components, the pre-fabricated metal building stands 40’x60’x16’, and has a Galvalume roof with a 2:12 roof pitch. It also features (3) framed openings, including (2) 14’x14’ overhead doors and (1) additional 3070 walk door.

With the climate of Onaway in mind, the building was designed with a wind speed of 90 mph. To keep inhabitants comfortable during Michigan’s often harsh winter weather, the building was constructed with R-30 insulation in the roof and R-19 insulation in the walls.

Onaway, Michigan is a sparsely inhabited city in Presque Isle County, in the northern part of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. Considered the “Sturgeon Capital of Michigan,” Onaway lies about 31 miles from Cheboygan, Michigan, and about 109 miles outside of Traverse City.

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Metal Shop Building in Lorimor, Iowa

Metal Building Outlet supplied this rugged, pre-engineered metal building for a customer in Lorimor, Iowa, in early February of 2016.

Crafted from long-lasting, premium-quality metal components, the building now serves as a shop for its owner. It stands 50’x90’x15’ when fully erect, and it is covered and protected overhead by a hardwearing, corrosion-resistant Galvalume metal roof with a 2:12 roof pitch. The building boasts (1) large 25’x15’ framed opening, and it also features a wind speed of 115 mph and a snow load of 35 lbs. These inclusions were made in consideration of the typical weather and climate patterns of the Lorimor area.

A small city located within south-central Iowa’s Union County, Lorimor is situated about 52 miles from the Iowa state capital of Des Moines and about 88 miles outside Ames.

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Metal Building in Leduc, Alberta, Canada

Metal Building Outlet sourced this pre-engineered metal building in Leduc, Alberta, Canada, in late December of 2019.

Attractive, low maintenance and multifunctional, the building is currently in use as a shop. Light Stone in color, it offers notable curb appeal, and when raised, it boasts a finished size of 100’x160’x30’.

Metal Shop Building in Hanover, Michigan

Metal Building Outlet was the supplier of this pre-engineered metal building in Hanover, Michigan, in late October of 2019.

Offering optimum strength, durability and energy efficiency, this building features premium-quality steel construction and stands 60’x150’x18’ once erect. Polar White in color, the steel building currently functions as a workshop, and it has a robust, corrosion-resistant Galvalume steel roof with a 1:12 pitch overhead, offering reliable protection from the Michigan elements.

A high-performance insulation package keeps the shop building’s energy bills low and its users consistently comfortable, and it includes a layer of high R-value, R-30 fiberglass insulation in the roof and a layer of R-19 insulation in the walls. The shop also boasts (6) framed openings that make it easily accessible, among them (1) 14’x14’ opening, (4) 3070 walk door openings and (1) 24’x15’ overhead opening.

Other customizations and key features include a 115-mph wind speed rating and a 30-pound snow load; inclusions made to enhance durability given the climate characteristics of the area. A small, lightly populated village in Hanover Township, Hanover, Michigan, is a part of southern Michigan’s Jackson County. The area sits about 53 miles south of Lansing and about the same distance from Ann Arbor.

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Steel Building in Temecula, California

Metal Building Outlet provided this prefabricated steel building for a customer in Temecula, California, in late October of 2016.

Attractive, energy efficient and low maintenance, the building boasts a finished size of 40’x60’x16’ and now serves as a shop for its owner. Covering and protecting the structure from above is a rugged, corrosion-resistant Galvalume metal roof with a 1:12 pitch, and inside it are (11) framed openings varying in size and purpose. These include (2) 14’x14’ openings enclosing (2) 14’x14’ roll-coil doors, (2) 3070 openings, each equipped with one of (2) 3070 commercial walk doors, (2) 4040 windows, (1) 6070 opening, and, finally, (4) 3’x1.8’ translucent window panels.

Installed in the roof and walls of the shop building is R-10 insulation, which minimizes energy bills associated with the building while improving overall interior comfort and sound control. A wind speed rating of 110 mph also serves as an additional building feature.

A city set within Southern California’s Riverside County, Temecula is part of the Inland Empire. It lies about 30 miles from Hemet and about 29 miles outside Escondido.

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Metal Building in Central Point, Oregon

Metal Building Outlet was pleased to supply this prefabricated metal shop building for a customer in Central Point, Oregon, in early July of 2019.

Merging unmatched durability with unrivaled flexibility, the building stands 50’x200’x20’ in size and currently operates as a shop. Light Stone in color, it offers impressive curb appeal, and it also has high overhead clearance, making it suitable for a broad range of uses. The shop’s roof has a 3:12 pitch and is comprised of corrosion-resistant Galvalume Plus metal, and distributed throughout the building are (12) framed openings. Included are (6) 14’x16’ openings enclosing (6) 14’x16’ overhead doors and (6) 3070 walk door openings housing (6) 3070 walk doors.

A 25-pound snow load and a 120-mph wind speed rating serve as additional customizations made so the building complies with local building codes. Rugged, long-lasting and secure, the shop offers a reliable, year-round space to store assets, conduct business or otherwise use as the owner sees fit.

Located in southwestern Oregon, the city of Central Point falls within Jackson County. It sits just north of Jacksonville, Oregon, and about 5 miles outside Medford.

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