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Steel Building in Arvada, Colorado

Metal Building Outlet supplied this sturdy and strong steel building in Arvada, Colorado, in mid-May of 2014. Featuring components by Nucor Building Systems, this 31’x61’x19’ metal building now serves as a metal shop.

Topped by a Galvalume roof with a .5:12 roof pitch, the steel structure has a wind speed of a whopping 105 mph, and a ground snow load of 30 lbs. Designed for Colorado’s rapid climate changes, the building has heavy-duty R-38 insulation in its roof and R-24 insulation in the walls. It also features (5) 14’x14’ framed openings, including (1) 3070 heavy-duty 20-guauge lever lock steel walk door and a chain hoist.

Arvada, Colorado, is a suburb of Denver, and is located in the north-central part of Colorado. Located in both Jefferson County and Adams County, Arvada sits about 10 miles from the City of Broomfield and 20 miles from the City of Aurora.

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Steel Building in Canon City, Colorado

Metal Building in Ketichikan, Alaska

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building in Ketichikan, Alaska, about 115 miles from Prince Rupert and Terrace, Canada.

This metal shop building is constructed with quality Garco materials and has a galvalume roof.  The building has a finished size of 32’x48’x16’ and is well insulated to withstand the harsh cold conditions of the Alaska climate. The walls, roof and doors are all insulated.  The walls and roof are insulated with energy efficient R-10 insulation.  The wind load is 85 MPH.  Snow load for this building was a ground snow load of 43 PSF.

The doors of the building are both insulated. They are 14’x14’ and a 4’x7’ walk door to give easy access to the interior of the shop.

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Steel Building in Edmonton, Kentucky

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel structure for use as a shop to a customer in Edmonton, Kentucky in January of 2012.

The SteelMax building measured 100’x120’x18’ and had a roof pitch of 2:12.  The shop was outfitted with a 32’x16’ overhead door and a 3’x7’ walkdoor.  Its location in Edmonton approximately 18 miles away from Glasgow, KY and 36 miles away from Campbellsville, KY. The shop was also built with R-13 roof and wall insulation to combat the elements and make for a more comfortable working environment.

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Metal Shop Building in Heber-Overgaard, Arizona

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building in Heber-Overgaard, Arizona is located in Navajo County and is about 150 miles from Phoenix.  Located on the Mongolian Rim, the elevation is about 6,500 feet above sea.

This Nucor building with light stone walls is located in Heber-Overgaard and is used by its owner as a shop.  Able to be easily adapted to the needs of nearly any purpose prefabricated metal buildings are often used as shops for both personal use and commercially.

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