40x60x14 Used Metal Building | JOB ID: CA1543s -BR

The customer ordered this building but did not take delivery.

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50x100x16 Used Metal Building | JOB ID: CA1451s

Never Erected Metal Building.
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30X50X14 Used Metal Building | JOB ID: CA1258s

Customer couldn’t take delivery of this 30 x 50 x 14 steel building, but you can! It has 1)10 x 14 rollup door framed opening,1) 8 x 8 framed opening, 1) 6 x 3 window framed opening and 1) 3 x 7 walk door framed opening.
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Steel Agricultural Building in Hollister, California

Metal Building Outlet was the proud supplier of this pre-engineered steel agricultural building in Hollister, California in October of 2020.

Bright, spacious and accommodating, the insulated metal building undergoes agricultural use and features top-quality steel construction. When raised, it is 60’x120’x18’ in size, offering high overhead clearance that enhances functionality.

Steel Building in Byron, California

Metal Building Outlet secured this pre-engineered metal building for a customer in Byron, California.

Rugged, reliable and engineered to last the long haul with only minimal maintenance, the building undergoes use as a shop and stands an expansive 50’x100’x17’ in size.

Steel Buildings in Elk Grove, California

Metal Building Outlet proudly supplied these (6) pre-engineered steel buildings for a buyer in Elk Grove, California, in October of 2020.

Undergoing miscellaneous use, the energy-efficient, low-maintenance metal buildings are comprised of rugged, quality steel parts, resulting in superior structural integrity.

Steel Building in Temecula, California

Metal Building Outlet provided this prefabricated steel building for a customer in Temecula, California, in late October of 2016.

Attractive, energy efficient and low maintenance, the building boasts a finished size of 40’x60’x16’ and now serves as a shop for its owner. Covering and protecting the structure from above is a rugged, corrosion-resistant Galvalume metal roof with a 1:12 pitch, and inside it are (11) framed openings varying in size and purpose. These include (2) 14’x14’ openings enclosing (2) 14’x14’ roll-coil doors, (2) 3070 openings, each equipped with one of (2) 3070 commercial walk doors, (2) 4040 windows, (1) 6070 opening, and, finally, (4) 3’x1.8’ translucent window panels.

Installed in the roof and walls of the shop building is R-10 insulation, which minimizes energy bills associated with the building while improving overall interior comfort and sound control. A wind speed rating of 110 mph also serves as an additional building feature.

A city set within Southern California’s Riverside County, Temecula is part of the Inland Empire. It lies about 30 miles from Hemet and about 29 miles outside Escondido.

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Steel Building in Oakland, California

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered steel building in Oakland, California, in late October of 2016.

Rugged and low maintenance, the metal building is blue in color and carefully crafted from high-end steel components. Now used for storage purposes, its roof is also blue in color and boasts a 4:12 roof pitch. When fully erect, the building stands 15’x30’x10’ in size, and it has (3) framed openings inside. These include (2) 10’x8’ openings enclosing (2) 10’x8’ roll-coil doors and (1) 3070 opening equipped with (1) 3070 steel walk door. With respect for the climate of Oakland and the surrounding region, a wind speed rating of 115 mph is included as an additional project feature.

The largest city in California’s Alameda County, Oakland is a part of the East Bay region. The eight-largest city in the state, Oakland is situated about five miles outside Berkeley and four miles from Alameda.

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Metal Building in San Bernardino, California

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered metal building for a customer in San Bernardino, California, in April of 2016.

Standing 60’x100’x18’ in size and crafted from top-of-the-line steel components, the attractive and low-maintenance building is now used as a shop. Its roof has a 1:12 pitch and is made of long-lasting, corrosion-resistant Galvalume metal, and inside the building are (2) framed openings. The first opening is 14’x14’ in size and encloses (1) 14’x14’ roll-coil door, while the second encloses (1) 3070 commercial walk door for convenient building access. In consideration of the climate of the San Bernardino area, the building features a wind speed rating of 110 mph.

A part of San Bernardino County and the Riverside – San Bernardino metropolitan area, a region often referred to as the Inland Empire, San Bernardino sits about 20 miles outside Yucaipa and 14 miles from Riverside.

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