Steel Buildings in Minden, Nevada

Metal Building Outlet supplied these (7) pre-engineered steel buildings for a customer in Minden, Nevada, in September of 2017.

The (7) hardwearing, energy-efficient steel structures include aircraft hangars and office buildings, and while they are all comprised of premium-quality steel components, and all equipped with Galvalume metal roofs, they differ broadly in size. Building A stands 50’x100’x25’ in size with a 2:12 roof pitch, while Building B stands 10’x20’x9’ in size and has a 0.25:12 roof pitch. Building C, meanwhile, boasts a finished size of 106’x80’x36’ with a 1:12 roof pitch, while Building D stands 25’x22’x33’, and its roof, too, has a 1:12 pitch.

The fifth building, Building E, stands 47’x56’x33’ with a 1:12 roof pitch, while Building F offers a finished size of 50’x162’x25’ and has a roof with a 2:12 pitch overhead. The seventh and final building, Building G, stands 22’x22’x13’ in size once fully erect, and its roof boasts a 1:12 pitch.

Helping keep energy bills associated with the complex low, and hangar and office users comfortable, regardless of time of year, is a high-performance insulation package. In their roofs, the buildings boast R-30 insulation, while R-19 insulation sits within the structures’ walls. Additional accommodations include gutters, downspouts, walk doors, a 130-mph wind speed rating and a 30-pound snow load, with the latter two additions made with regard for the weather and climate characteristics of Minden and the surrounding landscape.

An unincorporated community in western Nevada’s Douglas County, Minden lies east of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The area sits about 15 miles outside Carson City and about 20 miles outside South Lake Tahoe, California.

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