Commercial Steel Buildings in Hitchcock, Texas

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Metal Building Outlet supplied (11) pre-engineered commercial steel buildings in Hitchcock, Texas, between August of 2019 and January of 2020.

Highly customized to meet the specific needs of the property owner, the (10) buildings include offices, 12,000 square feet of warehouse space and a large-scale retail building. The steel buildings have numerous upgrades throughout ranging from horizontal low-rib wainscoting and other aesthetic elements that give the buildings on the property a uniform look to special features added to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Building Details & Customizations

All (11) buildings onsite feature high-quality steel construction, resulting in superior structural integrity. Altogether, there are (6) 60’x200’x20’/15’ steel buildings, (1) 60’x188’x20’/15’ building, (3) 75’x160’x17’ buildings and (1) 80’x150’x18’4”/15’ metal retail building.

All (6) 60’x200’x20’/15’ steel buildings feature Green wainscoting with transition trim along the top and bottom and corrosion-resistant Galvalume Plus single-slope roofs with 1:12 pitches. The 60’x188’x20’/15’ steel building also has a single-slope Galvalume Plus roof with a 1:12 pitch. The (3) 75’x160’x17’ steel buildings have striking, Ash Gray wainscoting with painted transition trim, and their roofs have gable designs and 1:12 pitches.

The metal retail building has a single-slope roof with a 0.25:12 pitch providing reliable protection from above, with the roof set to accommodate roof-top units and a thermoplastic polyolefin, or TPO, roof. There is also a horizontal low-rib panel and parapets on the steel retail center’s roof.

Doors, Windows & Insulation

All steel buildings on the property except for the metal retail center feature 4” of fiberglass insulation in their roofs and walls with heavy-duty WMP-VRR facing adhered to its interior-facing side. The insulation keeps energy costs associated with the property low and helps ensure a comfortable interior environment despite the high heat and humidity levels seen throughout this part of Texas.

There are also (94) framed walk doors distributed among the steel buildings. Included are (47) 12’x14’ overhead door openings housing (47) 12’x14’ heavy-duty DCBI 2500 Series commercial doors with steel mounting plates, chain hoists and top draft stops and (47) 3070 openings enclosing (47) White ADA-compliant 20-gauge preassembled walk doors with panic hardware and closers. There are also (47) MP Vents and 4’6”x4’ lighted canopies over each walk door, which also comply with ADA regulations.

Building Information and Special Features

Building Sizes

(6) 60’x200’x20’/15’ steel buildings w/ 1:12 Roof Pitch
(1) 60’x188’x20’/15’ steel building w/ 1:12 Roof Pitch
(3) 75’x160’x17’ steel buildings w/ 1:12 Roof Pitch
(1) 80’x150’x18’4”/15’ retail building w/ 0.25:12 Roof Pitch

Roof Sheeting

26 Gauge PBR in Polar White

Wall Sheeting

26 Gauge PBR

Wind Speed

130 MPH

Snow Load

3.5 & 4.2 PSF


(47) 12’x14’ heavy-duty DCBI 2500 Series commercial doors with steel mounting plates, chain hoists and top draft stops and (47) White ADA-compliant 20-gauge preassembled walk doors with panic hardware and closers.


5 of 6 Roofs: R-13


Galveston County

Additional Key Features & Customizations

The metal buildings on this property all feature colored gutters and downspouts, which help protect them against condensation and water damage. They also feature 3# collateral loads, giving them the capability to support heavy loads hung overhead.

There are also partitions with steel studs serving as non-load-bearing dividing walls inside the buildings. Engineered to meet all building and engineering codes in place across Hitchcock, the steel office and warehouse buildings all feature 130-mph wind speed ratings and 3.5-psf snow loads. The steel retail center also complies with local building code requirements, featuring a wind speed rating of 130 mph and a 4.2-psf roof snow load.

Located in southeastern Texas, the city of Hitchcock is part of Galveston County. It sits about 38 miles southeast of Houston and about 20 miles outside Sugar Land.

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