Shops and Garages

How to Choose the Proper Roof Pitch for Your Building

Single Layer Insulation

Why You Should Insulate Your Metal Building

Red Iron Foundation

The Advantages of Having an Engineered Foundation Design

Steel Hangar

Clear-Span Steel Buildings Allow You to Maximize Space

Overhead Doors

How to Choose the Right Door for Your Metal Building

Prefab Garage

How Much Does a Metal Building Cost?

monitor style cold formed metal building in a nice country setting the building is green with white trim

Cold-Formed VS. Rigid-Frame Metal Buildings

Box Peak Label

MBOC Stickers Are Going Up Around the Country

Metal Building Look

How Can You Make Your Metal Building Look Better?

When you purchase a metal building, functionality may be front of mind, but you should also consider the way your building looks and how that might impact how you plan to use it. Contrary to popular belief, pre-engineered metal buildings don’t need to look like metal boxes or industrial buildings.