Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Metal Building DIY Project

More affordable, durable and low-maintenance than most alternatives, pre-engineered steel buildings are an economical construction option for today’s home and business owners. Nowadays, the majority of new garages, shops, warehouses and manufacturing centers feature steel construction, and these versatile, easy-to-customize metal buildings are generally easier, faster and cheaper to raise than other building types.

That’s not to say that there aren’t going to be roadblocks along the way – but the vast majority of these roadblocks are preventable. Recognizing where others erred before you should help you avoid making similar mistakes yourself. So, when purchasing and erecting a metal building for your property, make sure to avoid these common missteps.

1. Neglecting to get a permit

In most cases and locations, you need to get a permit to construct a metal building at your build site. Neglecting to get a permit can lead to a host of problems. Your community may ask you to take your building down. Or, you may face hefty fines or fees for erecting your building in violation with existing building codes, zoning regulations or easements. Contact your community building department for more about permit requirements specific to your area.

2. Not accounting for all components

Some metal building buyers consider the base cost of the steel building they wish to purchase but fail to consider the costs associated with pouring foundation for it, adding doors or windows, insulating it and so on. To help avoid sticker shock, be sure to discuss all details and price out all desired customization options before moving forward with fabricating your building.

3. Raising it yourself (without proper knowledge and training!)

Because pre-engineered buildings arrive partially assembled, erecting them is not rocket science. That said, it does require knowledge and training in how to do so, and particularly if your structure is any bigger or more extensive than a small storage shed. Unless you are confident in your abilities, it may prove safest – and more affordable in the long run – to hire a professional building erector.

4. Not devoting enough attention to your build site or foundation

Choosing a bad site to build on can lead to a host of costly problems, from flooding concerns to foundational issues. Similarly, neglecting to have the foundation properly leveled can also lead to numerous problems, including building instability. In fact, a significant portion of metal building erection issues arise from improperly laid foundations.

5. Neglecting to prioritize safety

If you have the wherewithal to raise your metal building yourself, make sure to follow all recommended safety protocols in doing so. Constructing a building comes with ample risk. So, too, does working from heights. Make sure to always use proper equipment when transporting steel components, and be sure, too, to utilize adequate fall protection when working high up off the ground.

Taking the time to pre-plan your building project and consider all necessary elements should help you identify potential problems while there is still time to fix them. Avoiding these common errors should help streamline the process of purchasing and erecting your building while saving you valuable money, time and stress.