The Advantages of Having an Engineered Foundation Design

When you look to build a pre-engineered metal building, you would be wise to take extra care with the foundation. The foundation of the building plays a major role in determining its safety, longevity and structural integrity, but there are certain challenges that come with creating and designing foundations for steel buildings.

At Metal Building Outlet, we recommend working with a foundation-specific engineer who can help you create a foundation that meets your needs, adheres to specific building code requirements and takes into account the soil and other environmental conditions at your build site. Most building departments and local building jurisdictions, require you to submit a stamped foundation plan during the permitting process. Even if your state does not require you to have an engineered foundation design plan in place, we advise you to do so, and here’s why.

It Saves Money

Budget is a major consideration when it comes to metal buildings, but working with a foundation-specific engineer can lead to significant savings. How? Often, a concrete contractor will base your foundation quote on residential requirements, but having a clear foundation plan in place from the outset helps you avoid over-engineering the foundation and accruing unnecessary expenses.

Having foundation design plans in place also makes it easier to shop multiple concrete contractors, and for those contractors to give you accurate estimates based on your precise specifications. When they don’t know your exact foundation requirements, concrete contractors may be more likely to overquote you.

It Protects Your Interests

Having an engineered foundation design also helps protect you and your investment by making sure soil conditions, wind speeds, building codes and all other elements align. The plan gives your concrete contractor easy-to-follow directions that make it easier for him or her to maintain accuracy and adhere to your precise specifications. Working with a foundation engineer on your design also ensures that you are partnering with someone with considerable skills in this highly specific area.

Few parts of a pre-engineered steel building are as critical as its foundation. Metal Building Outlet works in close conjunction with a highly reputable foundation design firm, and as a result, we are able to offer our customers some of the industry’s most competitive foundation design prices.

To learn more about the benefits that come with having an engineered foundation design or to secure one for your own prefabricated steel building, contact Metal Building Outlet.

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