How to Choose the Right Door for Your Metal Building

When you design and customize a metal building, you have options in terms of what doors to include. Different types of doors work well with different types of steel buildings, and it helps to know how door options compare in terms of cost, functionality and appearance before making a decision.

While the size and intended use of your metal building will help determine what types of doors might best suit your needs, here are some of the most popular door options used in today’s steel commercial buildings.

Steel Man Door

Steel Walk Doors

Traditional steel walk doors are available in three sizes: 3070, 4070 and 6070. These doors are easy to customize in terms of insulation, windows, color, latch hardware and so on, and you can buy them either pre-assembled or ready to assemble in a DIY kit.

Overhead Doors

Overhead Doors

Overhead doors are common in metal garages, auto shops, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and other steel buildings that see vehicles, machinery or other large goods move in and out. Available with a variety of lift options for buildings of varying uses and ceiling heights, commercial overhead doors are also customizable in terms of size, aesthetic options and insulation.

Roll-Up Doors

Roll-up Doors

Roll-up doors are an economical option for storage, mini storage and other buildings with multiple points of access. Most storage and mini storage building owners prefer roll-up doors to overhead doors because they save space and cost less than most alternatives.

Glass Doors

Storefront Doors

Available in 3070 (single-door) and 6070 (double-door) sizes, commercial glass storefront doors give your business a prestigious appearance and arrive preassembled and ready for installation into your steel building. Choose from a variety of options as far as pane size, glass type and special features, i.e., panic exit devices, bottom rails and hardware.

Sliding Door

Sliding Doors

Well-suited for steel hangars, barns, and agricultural and equestrian buildings, among others, sliding doors come in a wide variety of sizes and are generally more economical than bifold doors.

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