Metal Building in Destin, Florida

Metal Building Outlet supplied this commercial metal building in Destin, Florida. The Timber Creek Distillery is located on a family farm and the overall vision is to take the best local fruits and grains from the Florida Panhandle and turn them into the finest Craft Spirits.

Denver Warehouse Building

Warehouse Building in Denver, Colorado

Denver, CO

Prefab Metal Building

Metal Building in Lockhart, Texas

Metal Building Outlet supplied this commercial metal building in Lockhart, Texas. The owner of Reclaimed Space makes a living with everything DIY; elbows deep in DIY, and this was no different when he chose a pre-fab metal warehouse building from Metal Building Outlet.

Metal Building in Battle Creek, Michigan

Metal Building Outlet teamed up with Jackson Industrial Construction of Concord, Michigan to deliver a metal building in Battle Creek, Michigan. Sharing a dedication for supplying top rated metal red iron buildings; the manufacturer trusted Metal Building Outlet to supply an extension of their manufacturing warehouse.

Metal Building in Charleston, South Carolina

Blue Water Electric teamed with Metal Building Outlet to design and supply their new corporate metal building in Charleston, South Carolina. With their company motto, “Always Focus on What’s Important”, the MBO team was able to accomplish just that with a customized metal building kit. Delivered onsite and once erected, this building verified its cost effectiveness with ease of assembly and fast build, saving the owners thousands of dollars.

Metal Building in Diamondville, Wyoming

Metal Building Outlet supplied this prefabricated metal building in Diamondville, Wyoming, in April of 2020.

Spacious, energy efficient and engineered to last, the insulated metal building features top-of-the-line steel construction and undergoes use as a warehouse. Following a simple erection process, the steel warehouse stands 64’x60’x14’.

Metal Warehouse Building in Phoenix, Arizona

Metal Building Outlet was pleased to supply this prefabricated metal warehouse building on behalf of a customer in Phoenix, Arizona, in May of 2020.

Insulated to maximize energy efficiency and keep building users comfortable during Arizona’s hot, dry summers, the building features premium-quality steel construction and currently serves as a distribution warehouse.

Commercial Steel Building in Williston, North Dakota

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building in Williston, North Dakota. The pre-engineerd steel building serves as a commercial warehouse.

Steel Building in Pennsville Township, New Jersey

Metal Building Outlet supplied this prefabricated steel building in Pennsville Township, New Jersey. The building now a warehouse, storage area and exterior, roof-only lean-to for pipe storage and intercompany transfers for Siegfried USA, an international pharmaceutical production company, the gray-colored building stands 30’x70’x22’.

Metal Building in Harrisburg, North Carolina

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered metal building for a buyer in Harrisburg, North Carolina. Crafted from top-quality steel components, the hardwearing, low-maintenance building now serves as a warehouse for Harrisburg-based Apple Blossom Energy, a home-performance contractor.