Steel Building in Pennsville Township, New Jersey

Metal Building Outlet supplied this prefabricated steel building in Pennsville Township, New Jersey, in April of 2015.

The building now a warehouse, storage area and exterior, roof-only lean-to for pipe storage and intercompany transfers for Siegfried USA, an international pharmaceutical production company, the gray-colored building stands 30’x70’x22’ and is crafted from premium components from Garco Building Systems.

Designed with energy-efficiency and year-round interior comfort in mind, the metal building features an R-30 banded-insulation system in the roof and an R-25 energy saver insulation system in the walls. Overhead is a durable, corrosion-resistant galvalume roof with a 1:12 pitch.

Additional notable building features include a full-height liner panel and an ADA walk door with a welded frame. It boasts (4) additional framed openings, including (1) 12’x20’ opening, (1) 12’x14’ opening and (2) 3’x1’ openings.

To maintain durability regardless of climate and seasonal weather patterns, a wind speed of 95 mph and a snow load of 25 lbs. were included during construction.

The building is located in an industrial area of Pennsville Township, New Jersey. A part of Salem County and located along the Salem River, Pennsville Township sits about 26 miles from Deerfield and 22 miles outside Harrison Township.

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