Steel Building in Houma, Louisiana

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered steel building for a customer in Houma, Louisiana.

Now used as a combination shop and warehouse, the building is crafted from Nucor Building Systems parts, and has a Galvalume roof with a 1:12 roof pitch. With a finished size of 50’x100’x16’, the Louisiana metal building features (5) framed openings, which include (3) 14’x14’ openings and (2) sized 10’x12’. Additional features include (2) 20-gauge steel walk doors for easy entry and access.

Houma is prone to heavy thunderstorm and occasional hurricane activity, and with its propensity for hurricane-strength winds in consideration, the building was constructed with a high wind speed of 115 mph, as well as, a snow load of 5 lbs.

Houma is a part of Terrebonne Parish in southern Louisiana, and lies about 84 miles from Baton Rouge and 57 miles from New Orleans.

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Metal Building in Georgetown, Kentucky

Metal Building Outlet supplied this prefabricated metal building for a buyer in Georgetown, Kentucky.

Now used as a cold-storage area, the rugged and low-maintenance building crafted from premium-grade steel components stands 80’x200’x18’ once fully erect. It boasts striking light stone-colored paint and a hardwearing, corrosion-resistant Galvalume metal roof with a 1: 12 pitch overhead.

Inside the cold-storage building are (4) framed openings, which include (1) 12’x12’ framed opening and (3) additional door frames housing 3070 walk doors. A wind speed of 115 mph and a snow load of 15 lbs. serve as additional building features. Both inclusions were made at the time of construction to enhance building durability given the climate typical of Georgetown and the surrounding region.

A home-rule class city located within Kentucky’s Scott County, Georgetown is situated about 19 miles from the Kentucky capital city of Frankfort and about 14 miles from Lexington.

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Steel Building in Simpsonville, South Carolina

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered steel warehouse building for a customer in Simpsonville, South Carolina, in mid-December of 2019.

In use as a warehouse, the highly energy-efficient steel building provides the structural integrity a warehouse operation demands, offering ample space for product storage, employees to move about and so on. Constructed from premium-quality steel parts, the metal warehouse is 60’x100’x16’ once raised and has high overhead clearance that enhances storage capabilities even further.

Overhead, a roof comprised of corrosion-resistant Galvalume steel panels offers protection and a mild 2:12 pitch, and distributed throughout the metal warehouse are (11) framed openings. Featured openings include (8) 12’x14’ overhead door opening enclosing (8) 12’x14’ overhead doors and (3) 3070 walk door openings, each containing one of (3) 3070 walk doors.

The steel warehouse also has layers of R-10 insulation in its roof and walls, which creates a more comfortable interior environment while simultaneously lowering the warehouse’s energy bills. Other features added with respect for local building code requirements and climate considerations include a 10-pound snow load and a 115-mph wind speed rating.

Part of the Greenville-Maudlin-Easley metropolitan area, the city of Simpsonville falls is located in Greenville County. It sits 16 miles south of Greer and about 5 miles from the center of Fountain Inn.

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Steel Building in El Mirage, Arizona

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered steel agricultural building in El Mirage, Arizona, in November of 2019.

Offering ample unobstructed space and steadfast durability, the building makes for an ideal greenhouse, standing 140’x380’x20’ in size. Overhead, a rugged Galvalume roof with a 1:12 pitch provides protection for plants from the often-harsh Arizona elements.

The metal grow house has (2) framed openings allowing for easy access, which include (1) 10’x14’ opening enclosing (1) 10’x14’ overhead door and (1) 3’x7’ framed opening enclosing (1) 3’x7’ walk door. Additional steel agricultural building features include a 115-mph wind speed rating, which enhances durability and adheres to the building code requirements currently applicable in El Mirage.

Part of Maricopa County, the city of El Mirage is located in the West Valley, west of Phoenix. It lies about 25 miles northwest of Phoenix and about 10 miles outside Glendale.

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Two Steel Buildings in Greenburg, Indiana

Metal Building Outlet supplied these (2) steel buildings to a customer in Greenburg, Indiana, in early June of 2014.

The smaller of the two buildings is now a warehouse, while the larger one serves as a boiler cover. The (2) buildings feature Nucor Building Systems components, and each has a Galvalume roof with a 1:12 roof pitch. The first building is sized 60’x50’x20’, and the second stands slightly smaller, at 60’x40’x20. With Indiana’s climate in mind, the pre-engineered buildings boast wind speeds of 90 mph and ground snow loads of 20 lbs.

Additionally, they feature a total of (8) framed openings, among them (3) 14’x14’ doors and (5) 3070 doors.

Greensburg, Indiana lies within and is considered the county seat of Decatur County, in southeastern IIndiana. It lies about 123 miles outside the City of Terra Haute and about 52 miles from the Indiana State Capital of Indianapolis.

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Metal Building in Kennedale, Texas