Yakutat Power Plant

Steel Building in Yakutat, Alaska

The 10,426sqft Yakutat Power Plant features Kingspan brand foam insulation panels purchased from Metal Building Outlet by Sunland Development in June of 2011. It is now insulated by 5,581 square feet of 2” R-16 Tahoe Blue wall panels and 4,845 square feet of 3” R-24 Zinc Grey standing seam roof panels.

High R-values like those offer tremendous insulating power resulting in substantial energy savings and an estimated 30 percent reduction in the building’s overall energy use. In addition to providing excellent thermal performance, these panels improve air tightness and moisture control while providing building users with a comfortable, stable interior environment and a clean finished look both inside and out.

The City and Borough of Yakutat lies in lowlands along the Gulf of Alaska about 208 miles from the capital city of Juneau and 366 miles from Anchorage. Originally shipped from Modesto, California, these insulation panels made their way to the Port of Seattle in Washington before ultimately shipping into Alaska via the Alaska Marine Lines.

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