Foam Insulated Panels for a Building in Point Lay, Alaska

These Kingspan brand foam insulation panels were purchased from Metal Building Outlet by G & S Management in March of 2012 and were installed into the existing Point Lay Power Plant.

The large materials purchase included 3,684 square feet of 6″ R-49 Regal White Panels and 6,087 square feet of 6″ R-49 Dove Gray Panels for the walls and an additional 10,366 square feet of 6″ R-48 Slate Blue Standing Seam Roof Panels. These foam insulated panels offer some of the highest R-values available resulting in tremendous energy savings for residents and businesses in Alaska. The Point Lay area particularly is well-known for its polar tundra climate and temperatures that range from about -27°F to 56°F in an average year.

Point Lay is located on the shores of the Chukchi Sea, 151 miles from Noatak and 182 miles from the Cape Krusenstern National Monument. The foam insulation panels were shipped directly from the factory to the Port of Seattle in Washington from there they were shipped into Alaska via Alaska Logistics.

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