Steel Building in Dorado, Puerto Rico

This 50’x60’x16’ Nucor brand steel building purchased through Metal Building Outlet now operates as a container shop in Dorado, Puerto Rico. Dorado is a small town that lies about 15 miles from San Juan and 20 miles from Carolina. Dorado is located along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean and is bordered by Toa Alta to the south, Vega Alta to the west and Toa Baja to the east.

Given Puerto Rico’s lengthy hurricane season that runs June 1 – Nov. 30, the building was manufactured with a 130 mph wind rating. Metal buildings are ideal for Dorado and other Puerto Rico locales due to their ability to reduce moisture, condensation and they can help maintain a steady comfortable interior temperature.  Only the top half of the building had sheeting the purchaser then lined the entire bottom half of the building with container racks. The building was shipped from the Nucor plant in South Carolina to the Jacksonville Port Authority in Jacksonville, Florida before then making its way to its final destination in Dorado.

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