Metal Building in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Purchased from Metal Building Outlet in 2012, this 50’x45’x19’ Powerbuilt metal building is an aircraft hangar in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. Cabo Rojo is a municipality along Puerto Rico’s western coast about 43 miles from San Sebastian and 53 miles from Ponce.

Given the building’s purpose, location and the long duration of Puerto Rico’s hurricane season, this Q-style arch building was made of 18gauge steel to accommodate the high wind speed of 148mph. It also features open-ended walls, to allow easy access for the aircraft.

The metal building was shipped from the Jacksonville Port Authority in Jacksonville, Florida to Cabo Rojo. Cabo Rojo has a total surface area of 72 square miles it’s bordered by Mayaguez and Hormigueros to the north, San German and Lajas to the east, Mona Passage to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the south.

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