Metal Building in Wooster, Ohio

Metal Storage Building

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building in Wooster, Ohio, the county seat of Wayne County in the heart of Amish Country. Located about 35 miles from Akron and 100 miles from Columbus, this building provides equipment storage for Coblentz Equipment Company.

After the purchase of his prefabricated steel building in September, 2012, the owner erected the building himself. The Nucor metal building with dimensions of 57’x102’x22’ has a second section of the building measuring 60’x34’8”x16’. The roof on the metal building has a pitch of 1:12 for the first section and 2:12 for the second. This steel building has the popular roof insulation package rated R-19 and is very energy efficient.

After seeing how easy it is to buy and erect a metal building, the owner of Coblentz Equipment referred Action Coupling to Metal Building Outlet, who then purchased a building for their commercial manufacturing facility.

Building Information and Special Features



Roof Pitch


Roof Sheeting

26 Gauge PBR

Wall Sheeting

26 Gauge PBR

Wind Speed

115 MPH

Snow Load

30 PSF


Custom Sized Framed Openings


Roof: R-19 Insulation


Wayne County
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