Metal Workshop in Three Forks, Montana

Metal Building Outlet provided this premanufactured metal building for a client in Three Forks, Montana, in January of 2018.

Equal parts functional and fashionable, the exceedingly durable, energy-efficient steel building stands 30’x40’x16’ in size and features a bold, Charcoal Gray exterior with a complementing Rustic Red roof. The roof offers a 4:12 pitch and maintains its strength in the face of moisture, helping prevent corrosion and related damage.

Featuring premium-quality steel construction, the building now operates as a workshop, and (8) framed openings differing in size serve as additional characteristics. Included in the expansive, accommodating space are (5) 4’x4’ openings, (1) 16’x8’ opening enclosing (1) 16’x8’ insulated walk door, (1) 8’x8’ opening enclosing (1) 8’x8’ insulated walk door and (1) 3070 opening.

To keep energy bills reasonable and workshop users comfortable, despite Montana’s sometimes-harsh weather patterns, the shop comes equipped with an insulation package. Its roof contains high-performance R-30 insulation, while R-19 insulation sits within the shop’s walls. A 30-pound snow load and a 115-mph wind speed rating further enhance durability with regard for the climate and surrounding landscape.

Located in southern Montana’s Gallatin County, the city of Three Forks falls within the Bozeman, Montana Micropolitan Statistical Area. It sits about 34 miles northwest of Bozeman and about 22 miles outside Belgrade.

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