Steel Buildings in Kalispell, Montana

Metal Building Outlet supplied these (4) prefabricated steel buildings in Kalispell, Montana in August of 2021.

Each building now functions as an aircraft hangar and offers unmatched structural integrity, resulting in reliable protection for planes, helicopters or other aircraft stored inside. Comprised of rugged, high-end steel parts, the first metal hangar stands 180’x50’x21’4” when erect, while the second hangar stands 200’x80’x26’5”.

The third hangar in the complex is 150’x75’x26’6”, while the fourth and final steel hangar stands 50’x50’x26’6”. Each building has a hardwearing, corrosion-resistant painted gable roof with a 0.5:12 protecting the aircraft stored inside from overhead, and they all have gutters and downspouts along their rooflines, helping prevent condensation and water damage.

The second metal hangar has a ceiling-supported 20’x80’ mezzanine, creating additional usable floor space, and the first and second hangars also have full-length partition walls inside. Distributed among the (4) metal hangar buildings are (15) framed door openings.

Included are (2) 52’x18’ door openings, (1) 56’x20’ opening and (7) 4070 openings enclosing (7) insulated steel walk doors. Also included are (2) 75’x22’ framed door openings, (2) 65’x22’ openings and (1) 41’x10.75’ opening.

All (4) airplane hangars also comply with local building and engineering codes, sporting 115-mph wind speed ratings and 42.7-psf snow loads.

Building Information and Special Features

Building 1


Building 2


Building 3


Building 4


Roof Pitch


Roof Sheeting

26 Gauge Galvalume PBR

Wall Sheeting

26 Gauge PBR

Wind Speed

115 MPH

Snow Load

42.7 PSF


(1) 56’x20’ opening, (7) insulated steel walk doors. (2) 75’x22’ framed door openings, (2) 65’x22’ openings, and (1) 41’x10.75’ opening.


Flathead County

Part of Flathead County in northwestern Montana, the city of Kalispell sits about 117 miles north of Missoula and about 52 miles north of Polson.

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