60×100 Steel Building in Houston, Texas

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-manufactured steel building for Continental Bus Lines in Houston, Texas.

Now functioning as a shop, the robust and attractive structure is comprised of premium-quality steel components. Light stone in color and requiring only minimal upkeep, it stands tall at 60’x100’x18’, while a heavy-duty Galvalume metal roof with a 1:12 pitch sits overhead, guarding against corrosion and the elements.

In consideration of the climate and weather patterns common in and around Houston and the surrounding region, an area prone to strong storm and occasional tornado activity, a high, 140-mph wind speed rating serves as an additional shop feature. Set within southeastern Texas, not far from the Gulf of Mexico, the city of Houston is widely regarded as an epicenter of industry and health care. It sits about 165 miles outside Austin and about 250 miles south of the city of Dallas.

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