Prefabricated Steel Building in Cortez, Colorado

Metal Building Outlet secured this prefabricated steel building for a customer in Cortez, Colorado, in October of 2019.

Designed for use in Cortez’ mountainous environment, the multipurpose metal building is comprised of rugged, durable steel parts and stands 30’x120’x16’ in size. Highly energy efficient and easy to maintain, the building features a striking, Rustic Steel-colored exterior and a matching Rustic Steel roof with a 2:12 pitch.

The metal building has high overhead clearance, making it suitable for automotive, storage or similar use, and it also has (7) framed openings ranging in size that make it easily accessible for users. Featured are (3) 3070 walk door openings, (2) 14’x10’ openings, (1) 10’x10’ opening and (1) 3060 walk door opening.

A high-performance insulation package makes the metal building ideal for year-round use, and it also helps lower energy bills associated with the structure. In its roof, it has a layer of R-13 fiberglass insulation, while a layer of R-25 insulation sits within the walls. Other accommodations added out of respect for the climate and building codes in place in the area include a 115-mph wind speed rating and a 35-pound snow load.

Located in the southwestern corner of Colorado, the city of Cortez falls within Montezuma County. It lies about 13 miles outside Dolores, Colorado, and about 76 miles outside Telluride.

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