Metal Building in Rexburg, Idaho

Metal Roof Only

Metal Building Outlet supplied this agricultural metal building in Rexburg, Idaho. MBO’s relationship with the agricultural history extends generations deep & with MBO customary farm buildings across the globe. From straight wall or arched prefabricated metal structures, we supply heavy duty metal buildings that are designed in accordance with your exact needs. We provide custom component packages for every elected feature to complete every aesthetic. Whether you have a Straight Wall, Arch Building, Quonset or Quansie Hut, we will provide you with every accessory & every tool needed for your building. We supplied this farmstead with an open walled Hay Shed Building in 2018 and steadily stands tall and anchored despite everyday heavy usage.

Building Information and Special Features







Roof Pitch


Roof Sheeting

26 Gauge PBR Galvalume Plus

Wall Sheeting

Open Walls

Wind Speed

115 MPH

Snow Load

30 PSF


Madison County

Hay production seems a simple business: plant, cut, bale. However, profitable haymaking involves hard work, precise timing and the cooperation of unpredictable weather. Haymakers maximize their yield by balancing the following:

WEATHER: Balers needs at least three days of dry weather before mowing hay.

STORAGE: Storing hay out of the weather reduces loss. Hay exposed to the elements wastes 2% to 10% of its substance. Hay stored under roof and off the ground reduces loss by 15%.

“A well-designed and built hay barn can be invaluable for cash hay operations, they provide an opportunity to reduce dry matter losses and maintain forage quality throughout the winter.” -Morgan Hayes, University of Kentucky Agricultural Engineer.

Let Metal Building Outlet assist you in designing a state of the building at a fraction of the cost. We will guide you through the purchase, design, and permit process wherever your located!

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