Metal Building in Napoleanville, Louisiana

Metal Building Outlet supplied this uniquely designed 54′ wide x 21′ long x 13.5′ high metal building is home to the first-ever metal building Pizza Hut location designed exclusively for “to go” orders. Pizza Hut’s new concept of ordering online allows for a smaller building size. Being that this single slope building is wider than long with the restaurant’s store front on the high side, the building has a uniquely modern look and feel. Located in Louisiana’s Assumption Parish, the building is constructed from Nucor Building Systems components and was customized from its original fox gray with white trim design in order to match the existing gray-and-red corporate color scheme of the Pizza Hut brand.

PizzaHut Building
Pizza Hut Building

Among the metal building’s key features is a highly energy-efficient R-30 double-layer insulation package in both the building’s roof and walls. This not only helps employees stay comfortable while on the job, but it also notably reduces the business’s overall energy expenditures. Additional features of the prefabricated steel building include a 9’x8′ storefront glass system and a 4’x3′ drive-up customer window, and the building itself boasts an alternative design in that its higher end appears at the front of the building. Its windows and branded canopy were both provided by Pizza Hut.

Building Information and Special Features







Roof Pitch


Roof Sheeting

26 Gauge PBR in Charcoal

Wall Sheeting

26 Gauge PBR in Red

Wind Speed

120 MPH

Snow Load



9’x8′ storefront glass system


Custom Window Configurations including a 4’x3′ drive-up customer window


R-30 Insulation in the Roof & Walls

Other Features

Customer Satisfaction Rating

Because of the metal building’s Louisiana location and the region’s propensity for hurricane activity, the building was constructed with a high wind speed of 120 mph. Assumption Parish is perhaps best known for its impressive production of sugarcane, and is located in Southern Louisiana, about 78 miles from New Orleans and 53.6 miles outside Baton Rouge.

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