Steel Homes in Mill City, Nevada

Metal Building Outlet supplied these (2) prefabricated steel homes for a buyer in Mill City, Nevada, in March 0f 2016.

The attractive and energy-efficient pair of buildings are now used as residences, and both are crafted from premium-quality steel components. The first building stands 100’x150’x13’10” in size and has a rugged, Galvalume metal roof with a 3:12 pitch, while the other building stands 20’x82’x10’ in size and has a Galvalume roof with a 1:12 pitch overhead. Additional project features include 50’x40’ mezzanine steel joints as well as bracing and decking.

Inside the buildings are (2) framed openings, which include (1) 10’x10’ opening and (1) 50’x40’ opening. Installed within the roof and walls, dramatically reducing energy costs while improving interior comfort and noise control, are R-6 thermal blocks. The buildings are also equipped with wind speeds of 120 mph and snow loads of 30 lbs., inclusions that were made given the Mill City area’s typical weather patterns.

Located within western Nevada’s Churchill County, Mill City is situated about 100 miles outside Mill City and about 63 miles from Reno.

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