3 Metal Warehouses in Lewiston, New York

Metal Building Outlet delivered these (3) steel warehouses to a client in Lewiston, New York, in July 2022.

Part of the infrastructure for the Village of Lewiston, the (3) metal municipal buildings include one main warehouse building and two smaller additions flanking either side of it. Spacious and versatile, all (3) metal buildings have open floor plans, and they also feature light-transmitting panels in their roofs, brightening up their interiors. Engineered for area’s heavy snowfall, the steel warehouses have high snow loads and two rows of snow guards, which help snow slide off gradually and prevent “roof avalanches,” or a large amount of snow from crashing down all at once.

The roofs of all (3) warehouses also have gutters, downspouts and insulation, with the main warehouse building’s roof featuring high R-value, R-38 fiberglass insulation. The walls of the main building have R-30 insulation installed inside, while the other warehouse buildings both have R-10 insulation in their roofs.

The steel warehouses also have insulated overhead doors and insulated walk doors throughout, saving the community even more money on energy costs.

Building Information and Special Features


Bldg. A: 40’; Bldg. B: 30’; Bldg. C: 25’


Bldg. A: 92’; Bldg. B: 60’; Bldg. C: 45’


Bldg. A: 15’8”/19’; Bldg. B: 15’8”; Bldg. C: 15’8”x17’9”

Roof Pitch

Bldg. A: 1:12; Bldg. B: 4:12; Bldg. C: 1:12

Roof Sheeting

24 Gauge Standing-Seam

Wall Sheeting

26 Gauge PBR

Wind Speed

110 MPH

Snow Load

46.2 PSF


(3) 16’x14’ steel insulated overhead doors; (4) 3070 insulated overhead walk doors


Niagara County

Located in western New York, the Village of Lewiston sits is a contained village inside the town of Lewiston. The Lewiston area sits about 25 miles northwest of Buffalo and about 7 miles from Niagara Falls.

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