MBO Buildings Combine Quality and Affordability

MBO Building Kit

When buying MBO buildings, you will receive the highest-quality product your budget allows, and Metal Building Outlet Corp. offers top-quality pre-engineered buildings at some of the industry’s most competitive prices. Too often, metal building buyers prioritize cost over quality, but while a cheaper, lower-quality metal building may cost you less upfront, you can all but count on paying substantially more down the line when it comes to maintenance, repair costs and related expenses.

MBO has decades of history in the steel building industry. As a result, we have longstanding relationships with metal building manufacturers, suppliers and contractors in all 50 states. What, exactly, does this mean for you?

Lower Prices

MBO’s existing relationships with some of the nation’s top metal building manufacturers means we can supply their buildings for you at a deep discount. Our metal building buyers enjoy major savings on metal building materials because we partner with the same manufacturers again and again, ensuring consistency in both product and customer service.

Higher Quality

MBO buildings are consistently of the highest quality. Our durable, heavy-duty steel buildings feature premium-quality framing and are the result of our 35-year history in the industry and our efforts to partner with the nation’s most consistent, reliable steel building suppliers.

More Personalized Assistance

In addition to a higher-quality product and low metal building prices, MBO’s history in the industry and established relationships with contractors and building erectors working within it means more personalized help when you need it. We maintain relationships with building erectors and contractors nationwide who have worked with our specific building types and brands many times before, meaning they can offer personalized engineering or architectural help when need arises.

Specialized Knowledge

Partnering with MBOC also means you benefit from our broad knowledge of not only the industry and product, but also, the design process. MBO manages many of the research and development aspects of buying a metal building, taking your needs and wants into consideration and then figuring out the most cost-effective way to accommodate them.

Why MBO Is a Cut Above

Metal building cost is always a major consideration, but you also have to think about other aspects of owning a building, including erecting it and managing the lifelong costs associated with ownership. Every metal building company has its own approach when it comes to supplying buildings, erecting buildings and maintaining relationships with industry partners and customers, and not all of them uphold the same standards.

When you purchase a metal building through MBOC, you reap the benefits of our experience, dedication and developed relationships with manufacturers, erectors and contractors. By partnering with us, you can feel confident not only in the quality of your building, but in the customer service and personalized assistance that helped make MBO one of the nation’s most trusted and successful steel building suppliers.