What Should I Look for When Buying a Metal Building?

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In the market for a metal building, but not sure where to start? A pre-engineered steel building is a significant investment, but making the effort to do it right can save you substantial time and money in the long run. At Metal Building Outlet Corp., we field many similar questions from our customers, and one of the most common questions we answer is what you should look for when shopping for your building.

Simply put, not all metal building suppliers uphold the same standards. So, you’ll want to base your decision on more than just sticker price. When exploring your options and looking into potential steel buildings, be sure to consider:

Whether price reflects quality

If you base your steel building purchase on price alone, you may well wind up paying for it for the lifetime of the building. Cheaper materials don’t last as long as higher-quality ones. They may not be as watertight, either, which can lead to leaks and related costly problems. Cheaper steel buildings may also have predrilled holes that may not line up properly and similar issues that can come with cutting corners.

How long a supplier has been in operation

When you purchase your metal building through an established supplier such as MBO, you can feel confident that the company supplying it will be around in the future to offer assistance or guidance, should the need present itself. A metal building supplier with a lengthy history in the industry is more likely to be reputable and less likely to use inferior materials or substandard engineering practices. You may also have an easier time finding trustworthy reviews from customers when you buy from an established steel building provider.

What insulation opportunities exist

Unless you are erecting a carport or a roof-only metal building, you may find it cost-effective to insulate your building during construction. Insulating your building later on is possible, but it comes at a much higher cost. When communicating with a metal building supplier, find out what options you have in terms of insulating your building at the time of construction.

Whether erection help is available

Unless you have the knowledge and wherewithal to erect your metal building yourself, you may find it beneficial to work with a provider that can put you in touch with a reliable and qualified contractor or building erector in your area. While purchasing and designing your building are important parts of the process, figuring out how to erect it – and who will do so – is equally as important.

The more you understand about what to look for when shopping for a steel building, the better your chances of ending up with one that not only meets your needs, but exceeds your expectations.