Metal Building in Live Oak, Florida

Garage Kit

Metal Building Outlet supplied this metal building in Live Oak, Florida. The prefabricated shop/garage duo is a pinnacle place where creative mess is allowed; and encouraged. Its where time is spent with projects, family & where life-long memories are made. It’s also the ultimate man cave with sprawling space inside, a covered patio for limitless outdoor options, and overhead doors for moving large equipment. This idyllic metal building was designed and constructed to accommodate elected customizations as opted by our customer. This southern country build is anything but simple, we worked side by side with the designer on its state-of-the-art component package that made this the coolest structure of the Sunshine State.

Building Information and Special Features







Roof Pitch


Roof Sheeting

26 Gauge PBR

Wall Sheeting

26 Gauge PBR

Wind Speed

120 MPH

Snow Load



1- 3070 & 4- 12’x14’ Roll Coil Doors with Mounting Plates




No Insulation included

Other Features

18’ x 50’ Lean-to off the enclosed 50’ side wall

Customer Satisfaction Rating

By working with a variety of manufacturers Metal Building Outlet can offer specially priced packages. Our special metal building packages often allow us to get you into a larger building than you may have thought you could afford, without compromising on the quality of the materials. We take pride in every building project we are a part of and have a reputation for seeing that your metal building meets your needs. You can also save money and enhance the functionality of your metal shop by purchasing metal building accessories through Metal Building Outlet. We purchase large volumes of name brand accessories and pass the savings on to our customers.

Shop Kit
Prefabricated Shop Kit

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