Metal Building Kit in Hudson, Colorado

Metal Building Outlet supplied this metal building kit in Hudson, Colorado in January, 2014 for truck storage in Weld County. This building features steel components from Nucor and is about 50 miles from Fort Morgan and about 15 miles from Brighton in northeastern Colorado.

The owner of this shop utilized all that Metal Building Outlet has to offer and was able to streamline his purchase and save money be so doing. We supplied the building, insulation and doors for this job. We also helped him find the contractor to do the concrete and erect the building.

The roof on this shop is galvalume and has a 3:12 roof pitch.  The finished size of the building after erection is 40’x80’x17’. The roof is insulated with high R-value R-36 fiberglass panel and the walls are insulated with energy efficient 6” R-19 fiberglass insulation panels.

Four doors were ordered and installed during the original erection of this metal shop.  Two of these are 12’x14’ Model 1000 overhead doors and the others are 3’x7’ lever lock walk doors.

This steel building has ratings for wind speeds (90 MPH) a roof snow load of 21 PSF.

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