How Much Does a 50’x100’ Steel Building Cost?

Have a plan for a steel building, but need to figure out if it fits within your budget? Many factors help determine the final price of a prefabricated steel building, including its size, the market price of steel, its features and customizations, and the local building codes to which it must adhere. That said, a typical, no frills 50’x100’ metal building will run you somewhere in the ballpark of $170,000 – $230,000 once you take per-square-foot costs for steel, concrete and building erection into account.

Keep in mind that these figures rely on national averages as of February 2024 and may fluctuate over time and from one supplier or erector to the next. Here’s a closer look at how it all breaks down.

How much steel costs per square foot

Generally speaking, you should plan on spending between $12 and $14 per square foot on steel for your metal building (depending on snow loads, wind speed requirement, seismic loads, and building code). So, for a 50’x100’ steel building, you’re looking at shelling out somewhere between $60,000 and $70,000 for construction materials.

How much concrete costs per square foot

The concrete for your building’s foundation and slab is going to cost somewhere around $15 – $20 per square foot. So, the concrete for a 50’x100’ metal building foundation and slab will likely run you between about $75,000 and $100,000 in terms of materials.

How much erection costs per square foot

Each contractor relies on its own formula to determine erection expenses, but most will charge you somewhere around $7 or $12 a square foot to raise your metal building. So, raising a 50’x100’ steel building will likely cost somewhere in the ballpark of $35,000 and $60,000.

Putting it all together

Once you factor in material costs, foundation expenses and construction-related expenditures, you’re looking at paying between about $170,000 and $230,000 to purchase and raise a standard 50’x100’ metal building.

Other variables that may impact your metal building’s final price tag include design complexity, building height, insulation needs and delivery/freight expenses, among others.

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