How Much Does a 40’x60’ Steel Building Cost?

Price is a big factor for many people looking to buy prefab. steel buildings, and if you count yourself among them, you may be wondering what your initial investment might look like. While the final price of your building will vary based on size, design complexity, local building code requirements and other factors, most people who purchase basic 40’x60’ steel buildings spend somewhere between $81,600 and $110,400 on their structures.

This is after factoring in the cost of materials, concrete and erection.

Anticipating the cost of materials

Steel prices fluctuate quite a bit from day to day, but as of February, 2024, most suppliers charge between about $12 to $14 per square foot for steel (depending on snow loads, wind speed requirement, seismic loads, and building code). For a 40’x60’ steel building, you’re looking at shelling out between $28,800 and $33,600 for materials.

Anticipating the cost of concrete

Chances are, your metal building will also require a concrete foundation and slab. Expect to pay between about $15 and $20 a square foot for concrete, which amounts to somewhere between $36,000 and $48,000 for a 2,400 square-foot steel building.

Anticipating the cost of erection

When it comes to raising your building, you can expect to pay a contracting company somewhere between about $7 and $12 a square foot. So, to have someone erect a 2,400 square-foot steel building, plan to pay between roughly $16,800 and $28,800.

The estimates above are for basic 40’x60’ metal buildings. Many different factors will influence a building’s final price tag, including how tall it is, where you erect it geographically and how many doors and windows you want it to have, among other variables.

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