Steel Building in Gig Harbor, Washington

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building in Gig Harbor, Washington in August, 2013.  Occasionally, permits are not approved for a pending building, as was the case for this building.  Purchased to be used as a marijuana grow operation in Pierce County and less than thirty minutes from Tacoma and Bremerton, due to city regulations, this building order needed to be cancelled .

The building was intended to be polar white on the exterior with a galvalume roof with a 1:12 pitch. The size of this building, comprised entirely of Garco components, is 60’x100’x12’. Originally ordered were three doors (2) 3’x7’ walk doors and (1) 10’x8’ overhead door. The building had a wind speed rating of 85 MPH, appropriate for north western Washington.

When these incidents occur, Metal Building Outlet works to help the customer solve the challenge in a fair manner. Buildings ordered but subsequently cancelled often become part of deeply discounted used buildings.  In this instance, we were able to satisfy the customer by supplying 6” R-196” R-19 high efficiency  fiberglass insulation for a retrofit on a rented building which the customer uses for his business.

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Metal Building in Ellensburg, Washington

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building in Ellensburg, Washington in April, 2014.  This building features steel components from Garco and is used as a marijuana grow house about 35 miles from Yakima and about 80 miles from North Bend in central Washington.

This building is 60’x100’x16′ and features a single 12’x14’ roll coil door. The roof has a 1:12 pitch and is galvalume. In order to accommodate the climateof Kittitas County, this building has a wind speed load rating of 110 MPH and the walls and roof are insulated with high efficiency steel building fiberglass insulation.  The walls are insulated with a single layer of 4”R-13 fiberglass insulation and the roof has a single layer of 6” R-19 insulation installed.

This building was ordered with a customer request for a rush and a three week delivery was promised and fulfilled. The foundation design was an overnight project.

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Metal Building in Arlington, Washington

Steel Building in Oaksdale, Washington

This steel building was supplied by Metal Building Outlet to Silzel Land Company in Oaksdale, Washington in 2010.  The Nucor-brand shop is white with a galvalume roof.  It measures 50’x80’x16’ and has a roof pitch of 1:12.  There are a number of framed openings including one 24’x14’ overhead door, two 3’x7’ walkdoors and one 10’x12’ overhead door.

It is located in Whitman County, about 43 miles from Spokane and 36 miles from Pullman.  Click here to contact a Washington contractor today.

Metal Building in Soap Lake, Washington

Metal Building Outlet supplied this Garco-brand steel building to a customer for use as a garage in Soap Lake, Washington in 2013.  The customer called on one of our used building classifieds. Since it had already sold we helped him order a comparable new building at the same cost.