Metal Storage Building in Niles, Michigan

Metal Building Outlet was the proud supplier of this pre-engineered metal building in Niles, Michigan. Insulated to reduce condensation and enhance energy efficiency and year-round comfort for building users, this prefabricated metal building features top-of-the-line steel construction and currently functions as a shop. Offering impressive structural integrity, the building stands 60’x100’x16’ in size and has a wide clear span and high overhead clearance, freeing up even more usable storage space.

Metal Shop Building in Hanover, Michigan

Metal Building Outlet sourced this prefabricated metal building for a buyer in Hanover, Michigan. In use as a shop, it stands 30’x100’x25’ when raised, offering high overhead clearance that leaves room for automotive lifts, manufacturing equipment or other large items.

Metal Building in Webberville, Michigan

Metal Building Outlet provided this prefabricated metal building for a customer in Webberville, Michigan. Boasting a finished size of 70’x140’x20’, the durable, low-maintenance base building is crafted from premium-grade steel components, and it is now used as a hay storage facility by the owner.

Steel Building in Homer, Michigan

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel industrial building for use as a flour mill in Homer, Michigan. The entrepreneurial owner of this Nucor-brand building chose to purchase this structure from Metal Building Outlet to stay in compliance with building codes.

The owner erected the new flour mill which measured 35’x40’x12’ and had a roof pitch of 1:12 independently. The sagebrush tan structure has a galvalume roof. The rear end wall has a 10’x10’ door also included is 3070 store front door. A 3’x’7’ window was field located in the building instead of the frame opening being designed with the building.  Field locating doors and windows is a common practice because the owners do not always know exactly where they want them placed ahead-of-time.

The building has R-19 roof insulation and R-13 wall insulation. The flour mill is located 102 miles outside of Detroit and 110 miles away from Grand Rapids in rural Michigan.

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Metal Building in Lenox Township, Michigan

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building in Lenox Township, Macomb County, Michigan in January, 2014. This building features steel components from Nucor and is used as equipment storage and warehouse for FDM Excavating, about 30 miles from Rochester hills and about 4 miles from Richmond.

Generously sized 90’x150’x24’ and featuring light transmitting panels across both side walls, this building also has 24 skylights in the ceiling panels.  Adding to the natural lighting are (6) 3’x5’ windows. For access to the interior, ten doors are installed on this warehouse/storage building (6) 16’x18’ and (4)3’x7’ walk doors.

The galvalume roof of this building has a 2:12 pitch. In order to meet the demands for wind and snow loads for southeastern Michigan, this building is rated for wind speeds of up to 90 MPH and a ground snow load of 25 PSF.

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Metal Workshop in Blissfield, Michigan

Metal Building Outlet was pleased to supply this pre-engineered steel building for a client in Blissfield, Michigan.

Insulated and engineered to stand strong in Michigan’s often cold, snowy climate, the building boasts an Arctic White exterior and a complementing Charcoal-colored roof with a 2:12 pitch. Energy efficient and easy to maintain, the steel structure, which now functions as a shop, stands 80’x240’x18’ in size once erect, while (10) framed openings ranging in size serve as additional features.

Enhancing overall accessibility are (2) 25’x16’ openings, (6) 21’x16’ openings and (2) 3070 walk door openings, while an insulation package that includes R-19 insulation in the roof and R-13 insulation in the walls serves as an additional key feature. In addition to lowering energy bills associated with the shop, the insulation improves sound control and helps building users maintain comfort, regardless of outdoor temperatures. Meanwhile, a 115-mph wind speed rating and a 20-pound snow load further equip the building for the rigors of life in Michigan.

A small village situated in southern Michigan’s Lenawee County, Blissfield falls within the borders of Blissfield Township. The community lies about 15 miles southeast of Tecumseh and roughly 20 miles outside Dundee.

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Metal Workshop Building in Blissfield, Michigan

Metal Building Outlet secured this preconstructed metal building on behalf of a client in Blissfield, Michigan.

Desert Sand in color with a complementing Green roof with a 4:12 pitch overhead, the building offers considerable curb appeal and a fully erect size of 40’x30’x12’. It now operates as a workshop and features high-end steel construction, delivering the strength and unmatched durability needed for life in Michigan’s variable climate.

The metal shop features (2) framed openings; (1) 10’x10’ opening and (1) 3070 opening enclosing (1) 3070 metal walk door, and it also boasts several accommodations made with respect for the unpredictable weather patterns and sometimes-heavy wintertime snowfall that comes through the Blissfield area. Such features include a 120-mph wind load and a high, 50-pound snow load.

A small village set within Blissfield Township, in southern Michigan’s Lenawee County, the community of Blissfield is situated about 15 miles south of Tecumseh and roughly 10 miles east of Adrian.

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Shop Building in Chesaning, Michigan

Metal Building in Custer, Michigan

Metal Building Outlet supplied this prefabricated metal building for a customer in Custer, Michigan.

Both energy efficient and exceedingly durable, the building stands 40’x60’x12’ in size and is now used as a shop by the owner. Crafted from premium-grade steel components, the building boasts a long-lasting, corrosion-resistant metal Galvalume roof with a 4:12 roof pitch. Inside the building are (5) framed openings, among them (2) 10’x10’ openings and (3) that house 3070 insulated commercial walk doors with lever locks.

To reduce energy costs while improving interior comfort and helping muffle outside noise, R-10 metal building insulation is installed in both the roof and walls. A high snow load of 60 lbs. and a wind speed of 90 mph serve as additional building features, and they were included in consideration of Custer’s typical climate.

Located within Mason County in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, the village is Custer lies about 98 miles outside Mount Pleasant and about 50 miles from Whitehall.

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Metal Building in Marion, Michigan

Metal Building Outlet supplied this Garco-brand building in Marion, Michigan in October of 2012. The structure was intended to be used to store farm equipment. It measured 40’x80’x16’ with a roof pitch of 2:12.  In addition, this steel building was outfitted with a 12’x14’ framed opening.  Marion is located about 66 miles away from Traverse City, Michigan. It falls primarily within the boundaries of Grand Traverse County.

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